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Library to parse and enumerate releases of the OCaml compiler
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ocaml-version -- Manipulate, parse and generate OCaml compiler version strings

This library provides facilities to parse version numbers of the OCaml compiler, and enumerates the various official OCaml releases and configuration variants.

OCaml version numbers are of the form major.minor.patch+extra, where the patch and extra fields are optional. This library offers the following functionality:

  • Functions to parse and serialise OCaml compiler version numbers.
  • Enumeration of official OCaml compiler version releases.
  • Test compiler versions for a particular feature (e.g. the bytes type)
  • opam compiler switch enumeration.

Browse the API documentation for more details.

Further information

Contributions are very welcome. Please see the overall TODO list below, or please get in touch with any particular comments you might have.

Build Status


  • Complete the architecture set from the officially supported compilers.
  • Add more features to the opam variants list (such as Since.safe_string)
  • Generate the core opam compiler package set purely from this library, so that it remains in sync with the library description.
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