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Zed is an abstract engine for text edition. It can be used to write text editors, edition widgets, readlines, ... You just have to connect an engine to your inputs and rendering functions to get an editor.

Zed provides:

  • edition state management,
  • multiple cursor support,
  • key-binding helpers,
  • general purpose unicode rope manipulation functions.

API Documentation


To build and install zed, use opam:

$ opam install zed


  • Zed_edit: the main module, it defines edition engines.
  • Zed_cursor: manages cursors. Cursors are automatically updated when the text is modified.
  • Zed_lines: maintains the offsets of beginning of lines.
  • Zed_input: helpers for implementing key bindings.
  • Zed_macro: helpers for writing macro systems.
  • Zed_utf8: general purpose UTF-8 strings manipulation.
  • Zed_rope: general purpose unicode ropes manipulation.
  • Zed_char: general purpose unicode characters manipulation.
  • Zed_string: general purpose unicode strings manipulation.
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