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Welcome to the Multicore OCaml development wiki! The goal of Multicore OCaml is to add concurrency and shared-memory multicore parallelism to OCaml. The sidebar has links to design/implementation notes. Below is a collection of resources elsewhere on the web relating to Multicore OCaml development.

Getting Started

There is an OPAM remote in ocaml-multicore/multicore-opam that provides new compiler switches with the multicore-enabled functionality. See the README for instructions.


Blog Posts



  • Domainslib: Parallel programming library for Multicore OCaml.
  • Reagents: A composable lock-free synchronization library for Multicore OCaml.
  • Eio: Effects based parallel IO for Multicore OCaml.
  • Lockfree: Lockfree data structures for Multicore OCaml.


Other Repos

  • effects-examples: A collection of algebraic effects and handlers examples.
  • sandmark: A benchmark suite for sequential and parallel OCaml programs.
  • multicore-opam: An OPAM repo for multicore OCaml specific libraries.