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Camlp4 is a software system for writing extensible parsers for programming languages. It provides a set of OCaml libraries that are used to define grammars as well as loadable syntax extensions of such grammars. Camlp4 stands for Caml Preprocessor and Pretty-Printer and one of its most important applications is the definition of domain-specific extensions of the syntax of OCaml.

Camlp4 was part of the official OCaml distribution until its version 4.01.0. Since then it has been replaced by a simpler system which is easier to maintain and to learn: ppx rewriters and extension points.


You should have OCaml installed. To build and install camlp4, type:

make all
make install

If you don't want or can't build the native code version, replace make all by make.

Building from git

Camlp4 branches try to follow OCaml ones. To build with the trunk of OCaml, you need to use the trunk branch of Camlp4. To build for a specific version, for instance 4.02.1, use the 4.02 branch of Camlp4.