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  • Warn when generated .merlin does not reflect the preprocessing specification. This occurs when multiple stanzas in the same directory use different preprocessing specifications. This warning can now be disabled with allow_approx_merlin (#1947, fix #1946, @rgrinberg)

  • Watch mode: display "Success" in green and "Had errors" in red (#1956, @emillon)

  • Fix glob dependencies on installed directories (#1965, @rgrinberg)

1.8.2 (10/03/2019)

  • Fix auto-generated index.mld. Use correct headings for the listing. (#1925, @rgrinberg, @aantron)

1.8.1 (08/03/2019)

  • Correctly write dune-package when version is empty string (#1919, fix #1918, @rgrinberg)

1.8.0 (07/03/2019)

  • Clean up watch mode polling loop: improves signal handling and error handling during polling (#1912, fix #1907, fix #1671, @aalekseyev)

  • Change status messages during polling to be one-line, so that the messages are correctly erased by ^K. (#1912, @aalekseyev)

  • Add support for .cxx extension for C++ stubs (#1831, @rgrinberg)

  • Add DUNE_WORKSPACE variable. This variable is equivalent to setting --workspace in the command line. (#1711, fix #1503, @rgrinberg)

  • Add c_flags and cxx_flags to env profile settings (#1700 and #1800, @gretay-js)

  • Format dune printenv output (#1867, fix #1862, @emillon)

  • Add the (promote-into <dir>) and `(promote-until-clean-into

    )` modes for `(rule ...)` stanzas, so that files can be promoted in another directory than the current one. For instance, this is used in merlin to promote menhir generated files in a directory that depends on the version of the compiler (#1890, @diml)
  • Improve error message when dune subst fails (#1898, fix #1897, @rgrinberg)

  • Add more GC counters to catapult traces (fix908, @rgrinberg)

  • Add a preprocessor shim for the let+ syntax of OCaml 4.08 (#1899, implements #1891, @diml)

  • Fix generation of .merlin files on Windows. \ characters needed to be escaped (#1869, @mlasson)

  • Fix 0 error code when $ dune format-dune-file fails. (#1915, fix #1914, @rgrinberg)

  • Configurator: deprecated query_expr and introduced query_expr_err which is the same but with a better error in case it fails. (#1886, @ejgallego)

  • Make sure (menhir (mode promote) ...) stanzas are ignored when using --ignore-promoted-rules or -p (#1917, @diml)

1.7.3 (27/02/2019)

  • Fix interpretation of META files containing archives with / in the filename. For instance, this was causing llvm to be unusable with dune (#1889, fix #1885, @diml)

  • Make errors about menhir stanzas be located (#1881, fix #1876, @diml)

1.7.2 (21/02/2019)

  • Add ${corrected-suffix}, ${library-name} and a few other variables to the list of variables to upgrade. This fixes the support for various framework producing corrections (#1840, #1853, @diml)

  • Fix $ dune subst failing because the build directory wasn't set. (#1854, fix #1846, @rgrinberg)

  • Configurator: Add warning to Pkg_config.query when a full package expression is used. Add Pkg_config.query_expr for cases when the full power of pkg-config's querying is needed (#1842, fix #1833, @rgrinberg)

  • Fix unavailable, optional implementations eagerly breaking the build (#1857, fix #1856, @rgrinberg)

1.7.1 (13/02/2019)

  • Fix the watch mode (#1837, #1839, fix #1836, @diml)

  • Configurator: Fix misquoting when running pkg-config (#1835, fix #1833, @Chris00)

1.7.0 (12/02/2019)

  • Second step of the deprecation of jbuilder: the jbuilder binary now emits a warning on every startup and both jbuilder and dune emit warnings when encountering jbuild files (#1752, @diml)

  • Change the layout of build artifacts inside _build. The new layout enables optimizations that depend on the presence of .cmx files of private modules (#1676, @bobot)

  • Fix merlin handling of private module visibility (#1653 @bobot)

  • unstable-fmt: use boxes to wrap some lists (#1608, fix #1153, @emillon, thanks to @rgrinberg)

  • skip directories when looking up programs in the PATH (#1628, fixes #1616, @diml)

  • Use lsof on macOS to implement --stats (#1636, fixes #1634, @xclerc)

  • Generate dune-package files for every package. These files are installed and read instead of META files whenever they are available (#1329, @rgrinberg)

  • Fix preprocessing for libraries with (include_subdirs ..) (#1624, fix #1626, @nojb, @rgrinberg)

  • Do not generate targets for archive that don't match the modes field. (#1632, fix #1617, @rgrinberg)

  • When executing actions, open files lazily and close them as soon as possible in order to reduce the maximum number of file descriptors opened by Dune (#1635, #1643, fixes #1633, @jonludlam, @rgrinberg, @diml)

  • Reimplement the core of Dune using a new generic memoization system (#1489, @rudihorn, @diml)

  • Replace the broken cycle detection algorithm by a state of the art one from this paper (#1489, @rudihorn)

  • Get the correct environment node for multi project workspaces (#1648, @rgrinberg)

  • Add dune compute to call internal memoized functions (#1528, @rudihorn, @diml)

  • Add --trace-file option to trace dune internals (#1639, fix #1180, @emillon)

  • Add --no-print-directory (borrowed from GNU make) to suppress Entering directory messages. (#1668, @dra27)

  • Remove --stats and track fd usage in --trace-file (#1667, @emillon)

  • Add virtual libraries feature and enable it by default (#1430 fixes #921, @rgrinberg)

  • Fix handling of Control+C in watch mode (#1678, fixes #1671, @diml)

  • Look for jsoo runtime in the same dir as the js_of_ocaml binary when the ocamlfind package is not available (#1467, @nojb)

  • Make the seq package available for OCaml >= 4.07 (#1714, @rgrinberg)

  • Add locations to error messages where a rule fails to generate targets and rules that require files outside the build/source directory. (#1708, fixes #848, @rgrinberg)

  • Let Configurator handle sizeof (in addition to negative numbers). (#1726, fixes #1723, @Chris00)

  • Fix an issue causing menhir generated parsers to fail to build in some cases. The fix is to systematically use -short-paths when calling ocamlc -i (#1743, fix #1504, @diml)

  • Never raise when printing located errors. The code that would print the location excerpts was prone to raising. (#1744, fix #1736, @rgrinberg)

  • Add a dune upgrade command for upgrading jbuilder projects to Dune (#1749, @diml)

  • When automatically creating a dune-project file, insert the detected name in it (#1749, @diml)

  • Add (implicit_transitive_deps <bool>) mode to dune projects. When this mode is turned off, transitive dependencies are not accessible. Only listed dependencies are directly accessible. (#1734, #430, @rgrinberg, @hnrgrgr)

  • Add toplevel stanza. This stanza is used to define toplevels with libraries already preloaded. (#1713, @rgrinberg)

  • Generate .merlin files that account for normal preprocessors defined using a subset of the action language. (#1768, @rgrinberg)

  • Emit (orig_src_dir <path>) metadata in dune-package for dune packages built with --store-orig-source-dir command line flag (also controlled by DUNE_STORE_ORIG_SOURCE_DIR env variable). This is later used to generate .merlin with S-directives pointed to original source locations and thus allowing merlin to see those. (#1750, @andreypopp)

  • Improve the behavior of dune promote when the files to be promoted have been deleted. (#1775, fixes #1772, @diml)

  • unstable-fmt: preserve comments (#1766, @emillon)

  • Pass flags correctly when using staged_pps (#1779, fixes #1774, @diml)

  • Fix an issue with the use of (mode promote) in the menhir stanza. It was previously causing intermediate mock files to be promoted (#1783, fixes #1781, @diml)

  • unstable-fmt: ignore files using OCaml syntax (#1784, @emillon)

  • Configurator: Add which function to replace the which command line utility in a cross platform way. (#1773, fixes #1705, @Chris00)

  • Make configurator append paths to $PKG_CONFIG_PATH on macOS. Previously it was prepending paths and thus $PKG_CONFIG_PATH set by users could have been overridden by homebrew installed libraries (#1785, @andreypopp)

  • Disallow c/cxx sources that share an object file in the same stubs archive. This means that foo.c and foo.cpp can no longer exist in the same library. (#1788, @rgrinberg)

  • Forbid use of %{targets} (or ${@} in jbuild files) inside preprocessing actions (#1812, fixes #1811, @diml)

  • Add DUNE_PROFILE environment variable to easily set the profile. (#1806, @rgrinberg)

  • Deprecate the undocumented (no_keep_locs) field. It was only necessary until virtual libraries were supported (#1822, fix #1816, @diml)

  • Rename unstable-fmt to format-dune-file and remove its --inplace option. (#1821, @emillon).

  • Autoformatting: (using fmt 1.1) will also format dune files (#1821, @emillon).

  • Autoformatting: record dependencies on .ocamlformat-ignore files (#1824, fixes #1793, @emillon)

1.6.2 (05/12/2018)

1.6.1 (04/12/2018)

  • Fix hash collision for on-demand ppx rewriters once and for all (#1602, fixes #1524, @diml)

  • Add dune external-lib-deps --sexp --unstable-by-dir so that the output can be easily processed by a machine (#1599, @diml)

1.6.0 (29/11/2018)

  • Expand variables in install stanzas (#1354, @mseri)

  • Add predicate language support for specifying sub directories. This allows the use globs, set operations, and special values in specifying the sub directories used for the build. For example: (dirs :standard \ lib*) will use all directories except those that start with lib. (#1517, #1568, @rgrinberg)

  • Add binaries field to the (env ..) stanza. This field sets and overrides binaries for rules defined in a directory. (#1521, @rgrinberg)

  • Fix a crash caused by using an extension in a project without dune-project file (#1535, fix #1529, @diml)

  • Allow %{bin:..}, %{exe:..}, and other static expansions in the deps field. (#1155, fix #1531, @rgrinberg)

  • Fix bad interaction between on-demand ppx rewriters and using multiple build contexts (#1545, @diml)

  • Fix handling of installed .dune files when the backend is declared via a dune file (#1551, fixes #1549, @diml)

  • Add a --stats command line option to record resource usage (#1543, @diml)

  • Fix dune build @doc deleting highlight.pack.js on rebuilds, after the first build (#1557, @aantron).

  • Allow targets to be directories, which Dune will treat opaquely (#1547, @jordwalke)

  • Support for OCaml 4.08: List.t is now provided by OCaml (#1561, @ejgallego)

  • Exclude the local esy directory (_esy) from the list of watched directories (#1578, @andreypopp)

  • Fix the output of dune external-lib-deps (#1594, @diml)

  • Introduce data_only_dirs to replace ignored_subdirs. ignored_subdirs is deprecated since 1.6. (#1590, @rgrinberg)

1.5.1 (7/11/2018)

  • Fix dune utop <dir> when invoked from a sub-directory of the project (#1520, fix #1518, @diml)

  • Fix bad interaction between on-demand ppx rewriters and polling mode (#1525, fix #1524, @diml)

1.5.0 (1/11/2018)

  • Filter out empty paths from OCAMLPATH and PATH (#1436, @rgrinberg)

  • Do not add the lib.cma.js target in lib's directory. Put this target in a sub directory instead. (#1435, fix #1302, @rgrinberg)

  • Install generated OCaml files with a .ml rather than a .ml-gen extension (#1425, fix #1414, @rgrinberg)

  • Allow to use the bigarray library in >= 4.07 without ocamlfind and without installing the corresponding otherlib. (#1455, @nojb)

  • Add @all alias to build all targets defined in a directory (#1409, fix #1220, @rgrinberg)

  • Add @check alias to build all targets required for type checking and tooling support. (#1447, fix #1220, @rgrinberg)

  • Produce the odoc index page with the content wrapper to make it consistent with odoc's theming (#1469, @rizo)

  • Unblock signals in processes started by dune (#1461, fixes #1451, @diml)

  • Respect OCAMLFIND_TOOLCHAIN and add a toolchain option to contexts in the workspace file. (#1449, fix #1413, @rgrinberg)

  • Fix error message when using copy_files stanza to copy files from a non sub directory with lang set to dune < 1.3 (#1486, fixes #1485, @NathanReb)

  • Install man pages in the correct subdirectory (#1483, fixes #1441, @emillon)

  • Fix version syntax check for test stanza's action field. Only emits a warning for retro-compatibility (#1474, fixes #1471, @NathanReb)

  • Interpret the DESTDIR environment variable (#1475, @emillon)

  • Fix interpretation of paths in env stanzas (#1509, fixes #1508, @diml)

  • Add context_name expansion variable (#1507, @rgrinberg)

  • Use shorter paths for generated on-demand ppx drivers. This is to help Windows builds where paths are limited in length (#1511, fixes #1497, @diml)

  • Fix interpretation of environment variables under setenv. Also forbid dynamic environment names or values (#1503, @rgrinberg).

1.4.0 (10/10/2018)

  • Do not fail if the output of ocamlc -config doesn't include standard_runtime (#1326, @diml)

  • Let Configurator.V1.C_define.import handle negative integers (#1334, @Chris00)

  • Re-execute actions when a target is modified by the user inside _build (#1343, fix #1342, @diml)

  • Pass --set-switch to opam (#1341, fix #1337, @diml)

  • Fix bad interaction between multi-directory libraries the menhir stanza (#1373, fix #1372, @diml)

  • Integration with automatic formatters (#1252, fix #1201, @emillon)

  • Better error message when using (self_build_stubs_archive ...) and (c_names ...) or (cxx_names ...) simultaneously. (#1375, fix #1306, @nojb)

  • Improve name detection for packages when the prefix isn't an actual package (#1361, fix #1360, @rgrinberg)

  • Support for new menhir rules (#863, fix #305, @fpottier, @rgrinberg)

  • Do not remove flags when compiling compatibility modules for wrapped mode (#1382, fix #1364, @rgrinberg)

  • Fix reason support when using staged_pps (#1384, @charlesetc)

  • Add support for enabled_if in rule, menhir, ocamllex, ocamlyacc (#1387, @diml)

  • Exit gracefully when a signal is received (#1366, @diml)

  • Load all defined libraries recursively into utop (#1384, fix #1344, @rgrinberg)

  • Allow to use libraries bytes, result and uchar without findlib installed (#1391, @nojb)

  • Take argument to self_build_stubs_archive into account. (#1395, @nojb)

  • Fix bad interaction between env customization and vendored projects: when a vendored project didn't have its own env stanza, the env stanza from the enclosing project was in effect (#1408, @diml)

  • Fix stop early bug when scanning for watermarks (#1423, @struktured)

1.3.0 (23/09/2018)

  • Support colors on Windows (#1290, @diml)

  • Allow dune.configurator and base to be used together (#1291, fix #1167, @diml)

  • Support interrupting and restarting builds on file changes (#1246, @kodek16)

  • Fix findlib-dynload support with byte mode only (#1295, @bobot)

  • Make dune rules -m output a valid makefile (#1293, @diml)

  • Expand variables in (targets ..) field (#1301, #1320, fix #1189, @nojb, @rgrinberg, @diml)

  • Fix a race condition on Windows that was introduced in 1.2.0 (#1304, fix #1303, @diml)

  • Fix the generation of .merlin files to account for private modules (@rgrinberg, fix #1314)

  • Exclude the local opam switch directory (_opam) from the list of watched directories (#1315, @dysinger)

  • Fix compilation of the module generated for findlib.dynload (#1317, fix #1310, @diml)

  • Lift restriction on copy_files and copy_files# stanzas that files to be copied should be in a subdirectory of the current directory. (#1323, fix #911, @nojb)

1.2.1 (17/09/2018)

  • Enrich the dune Emacs mode with syntax highlighting and indentation. New file dune-flymake to provide a hook dune-flymake-dune-mode-hook to enable linting of dune files. (#1265, @Chris00)

  • Pass link_flags to cc when compiling with Configurator.V1.c_test (#1274, @rgrinberg)

  • Fix digest calculation of aliases. It should take into account extra bindings passed to the alias (#1277, fix #1276, @rgrinberg)

  • Fix a bug causing dune to fail eagerly when an optional library isn't available (#1281, @diml)

  • ocamlmklib should use response files only if ocaml >= 4.08 (#1268, @bryphe)

1.2.0 (14/09/2018)

  • Ignore stderr output when trying to find out the number of jobs available (#1118, fix #1116, @diml)

  • Fix error message when the source directory of copy_files does not exist. (#1120, fix #1099, @emillon)

  • Highlight error locations in error messages (#1121, @emillon)

  • Display actual stanza when package is ambiguous (#1126, fix #1123, @emillon)

  • Add dune unstable-fmt to format dune files. The interface and syntax are still subject to change, so use with caution. (#1130, fix #940, @emillon)

  • Improve error message for dune utop without a library name (#1154, fix #1149, @emillon)

  • Fix parsing ocamllex stanza in jbuild files (#1150, @rgrinberg)

  • Highlight multi-line errors (#1131, @anuragsoni)

  • Do no try to generate shared libraries when this is not supported by the OS (#1165, fix #1051, @diml)

  • Fix Flags.write_{sexp,lines} in configurator by avoiding the use of Stdune.Path (#1175, fix #1161, @rgrinberg)

  • Add support for findlib.dynload: when linking an executable using findlib.dynload, automatically record linked in libraries and findlib predicates (#1172, @bobot)

  • Add support for promoting a selected list of files (#1192, @diml)

  • Add an emacs mode providing helpers to promote correction files (#1192, @diml)

  • Improve message suggesting to remove parentheses (#1196, fix #1173, @emillon)

  • Add (wrapped (transition "..message..")) as an option that will generate wrapped modules but keep unwrapped modules with a deprecation message to preserve compatibility. (#1188, fix #985, @rgrinberg)

  • Fix the flags passed to the ppx rewriter when using staged_pps (#1218, @diml)

  • Add (env var) to add a dependency to an environment variable. (#1186, @emillon)

  • Add a simple version of a polling mode: dune build -w keeps running and restarts the build when something change on the filesystem (#1140, @kodek16)

  • Cleanup the way we detect the library search path. We no longer call opam config var lib in the default build context (#1226, @diml)

  • Make test stanzas honor the -p flag. (#1236, fix #1231, @emillon)

  • Test stanzas take an optional (action) field to customize how they run (#1248, #1195, @emillon)

  • Add support for private modules via the private_modules field (#1241, fix #427, @rgrinberg)

  • Add support for passing arguments to the OCaml compiler via a response file when the list of arguments is too long (#1256, @diml)

  • Do not print diffs by default when running inside dune (#1260, @diml)

  • Interpret $ dune build dir as building the default alias in dir. (#1259, @rgrinberg)

  • Make the dynlink library available without findlib installed (#1270, fix #1264, @rgrinberg)

1.1.1 (08/08/2018)

  • Fix $ jbuilder --dev (#1104, fixes #1103, @rgrinberg)

  • Fix dune exec when --build-dir is set to an absolute path (#1105, fixes #1101, @rgrinberg)

  • Fix duplicate profile argument in suggested command when an external library is missing (#1109, #1106, @emillon)

  • -opaque wasn't correctly being added to modules without an interface. (#1108, fix #1107, @rgrinberg)

  • Fix validation of library name fields and make sure this validation also applies when the name is derived from the public_name. (#1110, fix #1102, @rgrinberg)

  • Fix a bug causing the toplevel env stanza in the workspace file to be ignored when at least one context had (merlin) (#1114, @diml)

1.1.0 (06/08/2018)

  • Fix lookup of command line specified files when --root is given. Previously, passing in --root in conjunction with --workspace or --config would not work correctly (#997, @rgrinberg)

  • Add support for customizing env nodes in workspace files. The env stanza is now allowed in toplevel position in the workspace file, or for individual contexts. This feature requires (dune lang 1.1) (#1038, @rgrinberg)

  • Add enabled_if field for aliases and tests. This field controls whether the test will be ran using a boolean expression language. (#819, @rgrinberg)

  • Make name, names fields optional when a public_name, public_names field is provided. (#1041, fix #1000, @rgrinberg)

  • Interpret X in --libdir X as relative to PREFIX when X is relative (#1072, fix #1070, @diml)

  • Add support for multi directory libraries by writing (include_subdirs unqualified) (#1034, @diml)

  • Add (staged_pps ...) to support staged ppx rewriters such as ones using the OCaml typer like ppx_import (#1080, fix #193, @diml)

  • Use -opaque in the dev profile. This option trades off binary quality for compilation speed when compiling .cmx files. (#1079, fix #1058, @rgrinberg)

  • Fix placeholders in dune subst documentation (#1090, @emillon, thanks @trefis for the bug report)

  • Add locations to errors when a missing binary in PATH comes from a dune file (#1096, fixes #1095, @rgrinberg)

1.0.1 (19/07/2018)

  • Fix parsing of %{lib:name:file} forms (#1022, fixes #1019, @diml)

1.0.0 (10/07/2018)

  • Do not load the user configuration file when running inside dune (#700 @diml)

  • Do not infer ${null} to be a target (#693 fixes #694 @rgrinberg)

  • Introduce jbuilder.configurator library. This is a revived version of janestreet's configurator library with better cross compilation support, a versioned API, and no external dependencies. (#673, #678 #692, #695 @rgrinberg)

  • Register the transitive dependencies of compilation units as the compiler might read .cm* files recursively (#666, fixes #660, @emillon)

  • Fix a bug causing jbuilder external-lib-deps to crash (#723, @diml)

  • -j now defaults to the number of processing units available rather 4 (#726, @diml)

  • Fix attaching index.mld to documentation (#731, fixes #717 @rgrinberg)

  • Scan the file system lazily (#732, fixes #718 and #228, @diml)

  • Add support for setting the default ocaml flags and for build profiles (#419, @diml)

  • Display a better error messages when writing (inline_tests) in an executable stanza (#748, @diml)

  • Restore promoted files when they are deleted or changed in the source tree (#760, fix #759, @diml)

  • Fix a crash when using an invalid alias name (#762, fixes #761, @diml)

  • Fix a crash when using c files from another directory (#758, fixes #734, @diml)

  • Add an ignored_subdirs stanza to replace jbuild-ignore files (#767, @diml)

  • Fix a bug where Dune ignored previous occurrences of duplicated fields (#779, @diml)

  • Allow setting custom build directories using the --build-dir flag or DUNE_BUILD_DIR environment variable (#846, fix #291, @diml @rgrinberg)

  • In dune files, remove support for block (#| ... |#)) and sexp (#;) comments. These were very rarely used and complicate the language (#837, @diml)

  • In dune files, add support for block strings, allowing to nicely format blocks of texts (#837, @diml)

  • Remove hard-coded knowledge of ppx_driver and ocaml-migrate-parsetree when using a dune file (#576, @diml)

  • Make the output of Dune slightly more deterministic when run from inside Dune (#855, @diml)

  • Simplify quoting behavior of variables. All values are now multi-valued and whether a multi valued variable is allowed is determined by the quoting and substitution context it appears in. (#849, fix #701, @rgrinberg)

  • Fix documentation generation for private libraries. (#864, fix #856, @rgrinberg)

  • Use Marshal to store digest and incremental databases. This improves the speed of 0 rebuilds. (#817, @diml)

  • Allow setting environment variables in findlib.conf for cross compilation contexts. (#733, @rgrinberg)
  • Add a link_deps field to executables, to specify link-time dependencies like version scripts. (#879, fix #852, @emillon)

  • Rename files_recursively_in to source_tree to make it clearer it doesn't include generated files (#899, fix #843, @diml)

  • Present the menhir stanza as an extension with its own version (#901, @diml)

  • Improve the syntax of flags in (pps ...). Now instead of (pps (ppx1 -arg1 ppx2 (-foo x))) one should write (pps ppx1 -arg ppx2 -- -foo x) which looks nicer (#910, @diml)

  • Make (diff a b) ignore trailing cr on Windows and add (cmp a b) for comparing binary files (#904, fix #844, @diml)

  • Make dev the default build profile (#920, @diml)

  • Version dune-workspace and ~/.config/dune/config files (#932, @diml)

  • Add the ability to build an alias non-recursively from the command line by writing @@alias (#926, @diml)

  • Add a special default alias that defaults to (alias_rec install) when not defined by the user and make @@default be the default target (#926, @diml)

  • Forbid #require in dune files in OCaml syntax (#938, @diml)

  • Add %{profile} variable. (#938, @rgrinberg)

  • Do not require opam-installer anymore (#941, @diml)

  • Add the lib_root and libexec_root install sections (#947, @diml)

  • Rename path:file to dep:file (#944, @emillon)

  • Remove path-no-dep:file (#948, @emillon)

  • Adapt the behavior of dune subst for dune projects (#960, @diml)

  • Add the lib_root and libexec_root sections to install stanzas (#947, @diml)

  • Add a Configurator.V1.Flags module that improves the flag reading/writing API (#840, @avsm)

  • Add a tests stanza that simlpified defining regular and expect tests (#822, @rgrinberg)

  • Change the subst subcommand to lookup the project name from the dune-project whenever it's available. (#960, @diml)

  • The subst subcommand no longer looks up the root workspace. Previously this detection would break the command whenever -p wasn't passed. (#960, @diml)

  • Add a # DUNE_GEN in META template files. This is done for consistency with # JBUILDER_GEN. (#958, @rgrinberg)

  • Rename the following variables in dune files:

    • SCOPE_ROOT to project_root
    • @ to targets
    • ^ to deps < was renamed in this PR and latter deleted in favor or named dependencies. (#957, @rgrinberg)
  • Rename ROOT to workspace_root in dune files (#993, @diml)

  • Lowercase all built-in %{variables} in dune files (#956, @rgrinberg)

  • New syntax for naming dependencies: (deps (:x a b) (:y (glob_files *.c*))). This replaces the use for ${<} in dune files. (#950, @diml, @rgrinberg)

  • Fix detection of dynamic cycles, which in particular may appear when using (package ..) dependencies (#988, @diml)

1.0+beta20 (10/04/2018)

  • Add a documentation stanza. This stanza allows one to attach .mld files to opam packages. (#570 @rgrinberg)

  • Execute all actions (defined using (action ..)) in the context's environment. (#623 @rgrinberg)

  • Add a (universe) special dependency to specify that an action depend on everything in the universe. Jbuilder cannot cache the result of an action that depend on the universe (#603, fixes #255 @diml)

  • Add a (package <package>) dependency specification to indicate dependency on a whole package. Rules depending on whole package will be executed in an environment similar to the one we get once the package is installed (#624, @rgrinberg and @diml)

  • Don't pass -runtime-variant _pic on Windows (#635, fixes #573 @diml)

  • Display documentation in alphabetical order. This is relevant to packages, libraries, and modules. (#647, fixes #606 @rgrinberg)

  • Missing asm in ocaml -config on bytecode only architecture is no longer fatal. The same kind of fix is preemptively applied to C compilers being absent. (#646, fixes $637 @rgrinberg)

  • Use the host's PATH variable when running actions during cross compilation (#649, fixes #625 @rgrinberg)

  • Fix incorrect include (-I) flags being passed to odoc. These flags should be directories that include .odoc files, rather than the include flags of the libraries. (#652 fixes #651 @rgrinberg)

  • Fix a regression introduced by beta19 where the generated merlin files didn't include the right -ppx flags in some cases (#658 fixes #657 @diml)

  • Fix error message when a public library is defined twice. Before jbuilder would raise an uncaught exception (Fixes #661, @diml)

  • Fix several cases where external-lib-deps was returning too little dependencies (#667, fixes #644 @diml)

  • Place module list on own line in generated entry point mld (#670 @antron)

  • Cosmetic improvements to generated entry point mld (#653 @trefis)

  • Remove most useless parentheses from the syntax (#915, @diml)

1.0+beta19.1 (21/03/2018)

  • Fix regression introduced by beta19 where duplicate environment variables in Unix.environ would cause a fatal error. The first defined environment variable is now chosen. (#638 fixed by #640)

  • Use ';' as the path separator for OCAMLPATH on Cygwin (#630 fixed by #636 @diml).

  • Use the contents of the OCAMLPATH environment variable when not relying on ocamlfind (#642 @diml)

1.0+beta19 (14/03/2018)

  • Ignore errors during the generation of the .merlin (#569, fixes #568 and #51)

  • Add a workaround for when a library normally installed by the compiler is not installed but still has a META file (#574, fixes #563)

  • Do not depend on ocamlfind. Instead, hard-code the library path when installing from opam (#575)

  • Change the default behavior regarding the check for overlaps between local and installed libraries. Now even if there is no link time conflict, we don't allow an external dependency to overlap with a local library, unless the user specifies allow_overlapping_dependencies in the jbuild file (#587, fixes #562)

  • Expose a few more variables in jbuild files: ext_obj, ext_asm, ext_lib, ext_dll and ext_exe as well as ${ocaml-config:XXX} for most variables in the output of ocamlc -config (#590)

  • Add support for inline and inline expectation tests. The system is generic and should support several inline test systems such as ppx_inline_test, ppx_expect or qtest (#547)

  • Make sure modules in the current directory always have precedence over included directories (#597)

  • Add support for building executables as object or shared object files (#23)

  • Add a best mode which is native with fallback to byte-code when native compilation is not available (#23)

  • Fix locations reported in error messages (#609)

  • Report error when a public library has a private dependency. Previously, this would be silently ignored and install broken artifacts (#607).

  • Fix display when output is not a tty (#518)

1.0+beta18.1 (14/03/2018)

  • Reduce the number of simultaneously opened fds (#578)

  • Always produce an implementation for the alias module, for non-jbuilder users (Fix #576)

  • Reduce interleaving in the scheduler in an attempt to make Jbuilder keep file descriptors open for less long (#586)

  • Accept and ignore upcoming new library fields: ppx.driver, inline_tests and inline_tests.backend (#588)

  • Add a hack to be able to build ppxlib, until beta20 which will have generic support for ppx drivers

1.0+beta18 (25/02/2018)

  • Fix generation of the implicit alias module with 4.02. With 4.02 it must have an implementation while with OCaml >= 4.03 it can be an interface only module (#549)

  • Let the parser distinguish quoted strings from atoms. This makes possible to use "${v}" to concatenate the list of values provided by a split-variable. Concatenating split-variables with text is also now required to be quoted.

  • Split calls to ocamldep. Before ocamldep would be called once per library/executables stanza. Now it is called once per file (#486)

  • Make sure to not pass -I <stdlib-dir> to the compiler. It is useless and it causes problems in some cases (#488)

  • Don't stop on the first error. Before, jbuilder would stop its execution after an error was encountered. Now it continues until all branches have been explored (#477)

  • Add support for a user configuration file (#490)

  • Add more display modes and change the default display of Jbuilder. The mode can be set from the command line or from the configuration file (#490)

  • Allow to set the concurrency level (-j N) from the configuration file (#491)

  • Store artifacts for libraries and executables in separate directories. This ensure that Two libraries defined in the same directory can't see each other unless one of them depend on the other (#472)

  • Better support for mli/rei only modules (#489)

  • Fix support for byte-code only architectures (#510, fixes #330)

  • Fix a regression in external-lib-deps introduced in 1.0+beta17 (#512, fixes #485)

  • @doc alias will now build only documentation for public libraries. A new @doc-private alias has been added to build documentation for private libraries.

  • Refactor internal library management. It should now be possible to run jbuilder build @lint in Base for instance (#516)

  • Fix invalid warning about non-existent directory (#536, fixes #534)

1.0+beta17 (01/02/2018)

  • Make jbuilder aware that num is an external package in OCaml >= 4.06.0 (#358)

  • jbuilder exec will now rebuild the executable before running it if necessary. This can be turned off by passing --no-build (#345)

  • Fix jbuilder utop to work in any working directory (#339)

  • Fix generation of META synopsis that contains double quotes (#337)

  • Add S . to .merlin by default (#284)

  • Improve jbuilder exec to make it possible to execute non public executables. jbuilder exec path/bin will execute bin inside default (or specified) context relative to path. jbuilder exec /path will execute /path as absolute path but with the context's environment set appropriately. Lastly, jbuilder exec will change the root as to which paths are relative using the -root option. (#286)

  • Fix jbuilder rules printing rules when some binaries are missing (#292)

  • Build documentation for non public libraries (#306)

  • Fix doc generation when several private libraries have the same name (#369)

  • Fix copy# for C/C++ with Microsoft C compiler (#353)

  • Add support for cross-compilation. Currently we are supporting the opam-cross-x repositories such as opam-cross-windows (#355)

  • Simplify generated META files: do not generate the transitive closure of dependencies in META files (#405)

  • Deprecated ${!...}: the split behavior is now a property of the variable. For instance ${CC}, ${^}, ${read-lines:...} all expand to lists unless used in the middle of a longer atom (#336)

  • Add an (include ...) stanza allowing one to include another non-generated jbuild file in the current file (#402)

  • Add a (diff <file1> <file2>) action allowing to diff files and promote generated files in case of mismatch (#402, #421)

  • Add jbuilder promote and --auto-promote to promote files (#402, #421)

  • Report better errors when using (glob_files ...) with a directory that doesn't exist (#413, Fix #412)

  • Jbuilder now properly handles correction files produced by ppx_driver. This allows to use [@@deriving_inline] in .ml/.mli files. This require ppx_driver >= v0.10.2 to work properly (#415)

  • Make jbuilder load rules lazily instead of generating them all eagerly. This speeds up the initial startup time of jbuilder on big workspaces (#370)

  • Now longer generate a META.pkg.from-jbuilder file. Now the only way to customize the generated META file is through META.pkg.template. This feature was unused and was making the code complicated (#370)

  • Remove read-only attribute on Windows before unlink (#247)

  • Use /Fo instead of -o when invoking the Microsoft C compiler to eliminate deprecation warning when compiling C++ sources (#354)

  • Add a mode field to rule stanzas:

    • (mode standard) is the default
    • (mode fallback) replaces (fallback)
    • (mode promote) means that targets are copied to the source tree after the rule has completed
    • (mode promote-until-clean) is the same as (mode promote) except that jbuilder clean deletes the files copied to the source tree. (#437)
  • Add a flag --ignore-promoted-rules to make jbuilder ignore rules with (mode promote). -p implies --ignore-promoted-rules (#437)

  • Display a warning for invalid lines in jbuild-ignore (#389)

  • Always build boot.exe as a bytecode program. It makes the build of jbuilder faster and fix the build on some architectures (#463, fixes #446)

  • Fix bad interaction between promotion and incremental builds on OSX (#460, fix #456)

1.0+beta16 (05/11/2017)

  • Fix build on 32-bit OCaml (#313)

1.0+beta15 (04/11/2017)

  • Change the semantic of aliases: there are no longer aliases that are recursive such as install or runtest. All aliases are non-recursive. However, when requesting an alias from the command line, this request the construction of the alias in the specified directory and all its children recursively. This allows users to get the same behavior as previous recursive aliases for their own aliases, such as example. Inside jbuild files, one can use (deps (... (alias_rec xxx) ...)) to get the same behavior as on the command line. (#268)

  • Include sub libraries that have a . in the generated documentation index (#280).

  • Fix "up" links to the top-level index in the odoc generated documentation (#282).

  • Fix ARCH_SIXTYFOUR detection for OCaml 4.06.0 (#303)

1.0+beta14 (11/10/2017)

  • Add (copy_files ) and (copy_files# ) stanzas. These stanzas setup rules for copying files from a sub-directory to the current directory. This provides a reasonable way to support multi-directory library/executables in jbuilder (#35, @bobot)

  • An empty jbuild-workspace file is now interpreted the same as one containing just (context default)

  • Better support for on-demand utop toplevels on Windows and when the library has C stubs

  • Print Entering directory '...' when the workspace root is not the current directory. This allows Emacs and Vim to know where relative filenames should be interpreted from. Fixes #138

  • Fix a bug related to menhir stanzas: menhir stanzas with a merge_into field that were in jbuild files in sub-directories where incorrectly interpreted (#264)

  • Add support for locks in actions, for tests that can't be run concurrently (#263)

  • Support ${..} syntax in the include stanza. (#231)

1.0+beta13 (05/09/2017)

  • Generate toplevel html index for documentation (#224, @samoht)

  • Fix recompilation of native artifacts. Regression introduced in the last version (1.0+beta12) when digests replaces timestamps for checking staleness (#238, @dra27)

1.0+beta12 (18/08/2017)

  • Fix the quoting of FLG lines in generated .merlin files (#200, @mseri)

  • Use the full path of archive files when linking. Before jbuilder would do: -I <path> file.cmxa, now it does -I <path> <path>/file.cmxa. Fixes #118 and #177

  • Use an absolute path for ppx drivers in .merlin files. Merlin <3.0.0 used to run ppx commands from the directory where the .merlin was present but this is no longer the case

  • Allow to use jbuilder install in contexts other than opam; if ocamlfind is present in the PATH and the user didn't pass --prefix or --libdir explicitly, use the output of ocamlfind printconf destdir as destination directory for library files (#179, @bobot)

  • Allow (:include ...) forms in all *flags fields (#153, @dra27)

  • Add a utop subcommand. Running jbuilder utop in a directory builds and executes a custom utop toplevel with all libraries defined in the current directory (#183, @rgrinberg)

  • Do not accept per_file anymore in preprocess field. per_file was renamed per_module and it is planned to reuse per_file for another purpose

  • Warn when a file is both present in the source tree and generated by a rule. Before, jbuilder would silently ignore the rule. One now has to add a field (fallback) to custom rules to keep the current behavior (#218)

  • Get rid of the deprecated-ppx-method findlib package for ppx rewriters (#222, fixes #163)

  • Use digests (MD5) of files contents to detect changes rather than just looking at the timestamps. We still use timestamps to avoid recomputing digests. The performance difference is negligible and we avoid more useless recompilations, especially when switching branches for instance (#209, fixes #158)

1.0+beta11 (21/07/2017)

  • Fix the error message when there are more than one <package>.opam file for a given package

  • Report an error when in a wrapped library, a module that is not the toplevel module depends on the toplevel module. This doesn't make as such a module would in theory be inaccessible from the outside

  • Add ${SCOPE_ROOT} pointing to the root of the current scope, to fix some misuses of ${ROOT}

  • Fix useless hint when all missing dependencies are optional (#137)

  • Fix a bug preventing one from generating META.pkg.template with a custom rule (#190)

  • Fix compilation of reason projects: .rei files where ignored and caused the build to fail (#184)

1.0+beta10 (08/06/2017)

  • Add a clean subcommand (@rdavison, #89)

  • Add support for generating API documentation with odoc (#74)

  • Don't use unix in the bootstrap script, to avoid surprises with Cygwin

  • Improve the behavior of jbuilder exec on Windows

  • Add a --no-buffer option to see the output of commands in real-time. Should only be used with -j1

  • Deprecate per_file in preprocessing specifications and rename it per_module

  • Deprecate copy-and-add-line-directive and rename it copy#

  • Remove the ability to load arbitrary libraries in jbuild file in OCaml syntax. Only unix is supported since a few released packages are using it. The OCaml syntax might eventually be replaced by a simpler mechanism that plays better with incremental builds

  • Properly define and implement scopes

  • Inside user actions, ${^} now includes files matches by (glob_files ...) or (file_recursively_in ...)

  • When the dependencies and targets of a rule can be inferred automatically, you no longer need to write them: (rule (copy a b))

  • Inside (run ...), ${xxx} forms that expands to lists can now be split across multiple arguments by adding a !: ${!xxx}. For instance: (run foo ${!^})

  • Add support for using the contents of a file inside an action:

    • ${read:<file>}
    • ${read-lines:<file>}
    • ${read-strings:<file>} (same as read-lines but lines are escaped using OCaml convention)
  • When exiting prematurely because of a failure, if there are other background processes running and they fail, print these failures

  • With msvc, -lfoo is transparently replaced by foo.lib (@dra27, #127)

  • Automatically add the .exe when installing executables on Windows (#123)

  • (run <prog> ...) now resolves <prog> locally if possible. i.e. (run ${bin:prog} ...) and (run prog ...) behave the same. This seems like the right default

  • Fix a bug where jbuild rules would crash instead of reporting a proper build error

  • Fix a race condition in causing jbuilder to crash on Windows in some cases (#101)

  • Fix a bug causing ppx rewriter to not work properly when using multiple build contexts (#100)

  • Fix .merlin generation: projects in the same workspace are added to merlin's source path, so "locate" works on them.

1.0+beta9 (19/05/2017)

  • Add support for building Reason projects (@rgrinberg, #58)

  • Add support for building javascript with js-of-ocaml (@hhugo, #60)

  • Better support for topkg release workflow. See topkg-jbuilder for more details

  • Port the manual to rst and setup a jbuilder project on (@rgrinberg, #78)

  • Hint for mistyped targets. Only suggest correction on the basename for now, otherwise it's slow when the workspace is big

  • Add a (package ...) field for aliases, so that one can restrict tests to a specific package (@rgrinberg, #64)

  • Fix a couple of bugs on Windows:

    • fix parsing of end of lines in some cases
    • do not take the case into account when comparing environment variable names
  • Add AppVeyor CI

  • Better error message in case a chain of dependencies crosses the installed world

  • Better error messages for invalid dependency list in jbuild files

  • Several improvements/fixes regarding the handling of findlib packages:

    • Better error messages when a findlib package is unavailable
    • Don't crash when an installed findlib package has missing dependencies
    • Handle the findlib alternative directory layout which is still used by a few packages
  • Add jbuilder installed-libraries --not-available explaining why some libraries are not available

  • jbuilder now records dependencies on files of external libraries. This mean that when you upgrade a library, jbuilder will know what need to be rebuilt.

  • Add a jbuilder rules subcommand to dump internal compilation rules, mostly for debugging purposes

  • Ignore all directories starting with a . or _. This seems to be a common pattern:

    • .git, .hg, _darcs
    • _build
    • _opam (opam 2 local switches)
  • Fix the hint for jbuilder external-lib-deps (#72)

  • Do not require ocamllex and ocamlyacc to be at the same location as ocamlc (#75)

1.0+beta8 (17/04/2017)

  • Added ${lib-available:<library-name>} which expands to true or false with the same semantic as literals in (select ...) stanzas

  • Remove hard-coded knowledge of a few specific ppx rewriters to ease maintenance moving forward

  • Pass the library name to ppx rewriters via the library-name cookie

  • Fix: make sure the action working directory exist before running it

1.0+beta7 (12/04/2017)

  • Make the output quieter by default and add a --verbose argument (@stedolan, #40)

  • Various documentation fixes (@adrieng, #41)

  • Make @install the default target when no targets are specified (@stedolan, #47)

  • Add predefined support for menhir, similar to ocamlyacc support (@rgrinberg, #42)

  • Add internal support for sandboxing actions and sandbox the build of the alias module with 4.02 to workaround the compiler trying to read the cmi of the aliased modules

  • Allow to disable dynlink support for libraries via (no_dynlink) (#55)

  • Add a -p/--for-release-of-packages command line argument to simplify the jbuilder invocation in opam files and make it more future proof (#52)

  • Fix the lookup of the executable in jbuilder exec foo. Before, even if foo was to be installed, the freshly built version wasn't selected

  • Don't generate a exists_if ... lines in META files. These are useless sine the META files are auto-generated

1.0+beta6 (29/03/2017)

  • Add an (executable ...) stanza for single executables (#33)

  • Add a (package ...) and (public_name <name>)/(public_names (<names)) to executable/executables stanzas to make it easier to install executables (#33)

  • Fix a bug when using specific rewriters that jbuilder knows about without ppx_driver.runner (#37). These problem should go away soon when we start using --cookie

  • Fix the interpretation of META files when there is more than one applicable assignment. Before this fix, the one with the lowest number of formal predicates was selected instead of the one with the biggest number of formal predicates

1.0+beta5 (22/03/2017)

  • When ocamlfind is present in the PATH, do not attempt to call opam config var lib

  • Make sure the build of jbuilder itself never calls ocamlfind or opam

  • Better error message when a jbuild file in OCaml syntax forgets to call Jbuild_plugin.V*.send

  • Added examples of use

  • Don't drop inline tests/benchmarks by default

1.0+beta4 (20/03/2017)

  • Improve error messages about invalid/missing pkg.opam files

  • Ignore all errors while running ocamlfind printconf path

1.0+beta3 (15/03/2017)

  • Print optional dependencies as optional in the output of jbuilder external-lib-deps --missing

  • Added a few forms to the DSL:

    • with-{stderr,outputs}-to
    • ignore-{stdout,stderr,outputs}
  • Added ${null} which expands to /dev/null on Unix and NUL on Windows

  • Improve the doc generated by odoc for wrapped libraries

  • Improve the error reported when an installed package depends on a library that is not installed

  • Documented (files_recursively_in ...)

  • Added black box tests

  • Fix a bug where jbuilder would crash when there was no <package>.opam file

  • Fixed a bug where .merlin files where not generated at the root of the workspace (#20)

  • Fix a bug where a (glob_files ...) would cause other dependencies to be ignored

  • Fix the generated ppx(...) line in META files

  • Fix (optional) when a ppx runtime dependency is not available (#24)

  • Do not crash when an installed package that we don't need has missing dependencies (#25)

1.0+beta2 (10/03/2017)

  • Simplified the rules for finding the root of the workspace as the old ones were often picking up the home directory. New rules are:

    • look for a jbuild-workspace file in parent directories
    • look for a jbuild-workspace* file in parent directories
    • use the current directory
  • Fixed the expansion of ${ROOT} in actions

  • Install in the documentation directory

  • Add a few more things in the log file to help debugging

1.0+beta1 (07/03/2017)

  • Added a manual

  • Support incremental compilation

  • Switched the CLI to cmdliner and added a build command (#5, @rgrinberg)

  • Added a few commands:

    • runtest
    • install
    • uninstall
    • installed-libraries
    • exec: execute a command in an environment similar to what you would get after jbuilder install
  • Removed the build-package command in favor of a --only-packages option that is common to all commands

  • Automatically generate .merlin files (#2, @rdavison)

  • Improve the output of jbuilder, in particular don't mangle the output of commands when using -j N with N > 1

  • Generate a log in _build/log

  • Versioned the jbuild format and added a first stable version. You should now put (jbuilder_version 1) in a jbuild file at the root of your project to ensure forward compatibility

  • Switch from ppx_driver to ocaml-migrate-parsetree.driver. In order to use ppx rewriters with Jbuilder, they need to use ocaml-migrate-parsetree.driver

  • Added support for aliases (#7, @rgrinberg)

  • Added support for compiling against multiple opam switch simultaneously by writing a jbuild-worspace file

  • Added support for OCaml 4.02.3

  • Added support for architectures that don't have natdynlink

  • Search the root according to the rules described in the manual instead of always using the current directory

  • extended the action language to support common actions without using a shell:

    • (with-stdout-to <file> <DSL>)
    • (copy <src> <dst>)
    • ...
  • Removed all implicit uses of bash or the system shell. Now one has to write explicitly (bash "...") or (system "...")

  • Generate meaningful versions in META files

  • Strengthen the scope of a package. Jbuilder knows about package foo only in the sub-tree starting from where foo.opam lives

0.1.alpha1 (04/12/2016)

First release

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