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#!/usr/bin/env ocaml
open StdLabels
open Printf
let list f l = sprintf "[%s]" (String.concat ~sep:"; " ( l ~f))
let string s = sprintf "%S" s
let option f = function
| None -> "None"
| Some x -> sprintf "Some %s" (f x)
let () =
let bad fmt = ksprintf (fun s -> raise (Arg.Bad s)) fmt in
let library_path = ref None in
let library_destdir = ref None in
let set_libdir s =
let dir =
if Filename.is_relative s then
Filename.concat (Sys.getcwd ()) s
library_path := Some [ dir ];
library_destdir := Some dir
let args =
[ ( "--libdir"
, Arg.String set_libdir
, "DIR where installed libraries are for the default build context" )
let anon s = bad "Don't know what to do with %s" s in
Arg.parse (Arg.align args) anon
"Usage: ocaml [OPTRIONS]]\nOptions are:";
let oc = open_out "src/" in
let pr fmt = fprintf oc (fmt ^^ "\n") in
pr "let library_path = %s" (option (list string) !library_path);
pr "let library_destdir = %s" (option string !library_destdir);
close_out oc
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