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mtelvers edited this page Apr 13, 2022 · 18 revisions has a number of machine resources available to it, and quite varied infrastructure to serve the source code mirrors, web pages, package management, and other features. This wiki exists to codify them so that we know who's in charge of security updates, backups, and other day-to-day maintenance of such things. The governance of the domain name is described at

We would like to thank Rackspace Cloud for generously hosting the VMs here as part of their open-source developer relations program.

If you have any questions about this, please either contact the public mailing list, or Anil Madhavapeddy if your enquiry is private or is regarding a security issue.

GitHub Organisations

The primary source of code that drives the infrastructure is the ocaml organisation on GitHub. You can find more information about the individual code repositories in OCaml-Project-Repositories.

The team tracks ongoing work via Infrastructure-Change-Tracking.

Running Projects

Proposed Projects


Git source mirroring

Deprecated Projects

A list of deprecated projects is kept until the records and resources are freed.

How to Request Resources

If you'd like to request resources for a project, please mail the and have a chat about what you'd like. It's generally quite easy to provision a VM for a short period of time, but longer running projects should specify who's in charge, and what the plan is to wind them down in case that person disappears.

When you email the list, try and cover the following points (but please be brief).

  • The aims and purpose of the Project (inc name of the sub-domain required)
  • Specific resources required and for how long (e.g VMs)
  • Any impact on or relation to existing Projects (listed above)
  • Information on the initial maintainers
  • Details of proposed licensing arrangements for code/content