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Help spread the word

The best way to help the OASIS project is to use it, of course. From the beginning, OASIS has been designed using real-life projects as examples to define features. The first public version was the one matching the most common requirements of the author's projects. It is now time to expand these requirements to your projects as well.

We really appreciate getting your feedback. Use bug reports or feature requests.

Get involved into development

You can browse the source code of the project.

To get a copy of the source tree, you must use git anonymously:

$> git clone git://

Once you have the source code, you can pick a bug or a feature request to fix.

You can send back patches using git. Create an account on github, fork the project, push your changes to your github copy and submit a "Pull Request". To push your changes, if your github user is USERNAME, first add a new remote location to your local repository (you have to do that once only):

$> git remote add github

and then push your master branch to it:

$> git push github master

To update the source code with the latest available version:

$> git pull

Further documentation about git can be found on See also Github help.

Write plugins and tools

If your requirements cannot be fulfilled by the actual code, you can extend OASIS features through plugins. For now, plugins development need to be done with the OASIS source tree.

  • Get a copy of the OASIS source tree (see next section)
  • Add a directory into src/plugins/
  • Add an "open" statement in src/
  • Create a test into test/data and call it from within a test case (see test/
  • Create your plugin

Writing tools is not yet very easy. You need to depend only on the content of src/oasis, which should become a library soon. These files contain everything needed to parse and extract information from an _oasis file.