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How to create a string flag?

Flag in _oasis are only boolean. As of OASIS 0.4.7, there is no way to define a string flag. A string flag, can be useful when you want e.g. CCOpt: -D $(STR).

The reason why this has not been done are:

  • boolean flags are easy to switch on and off to test various branches, which can allow auto exploration for the package.
  • string flags would require a way to validate them, make sure that quoting is correct when they are used in substitution.
  • string flags are easily implementable directly in

The quick solution to have a string flag FOO is to add the following code to

let _ = BaseEnv.var_define "FOO" (fun _ -> "123");;
let () = setup ();;

This can be used like this:

Executable "opam-build-revdeps"
  Path: src/bin/opam-build-revdeps
  CompiledObject: best
  CCOpt:-D $(FOO)

The value of the flag FOO can be set through command line and environment variable.