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Announce: oasis2opam is in need of a new maintainer

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Tool to convert OASIS metadata to OPAM package descriptions.


The easiest way to install this program is to use opam:

opam install oasis2opam


Go to the packages sub-directory of your local clone of opam-repository and issue

oasis2opam <URL of your tarball>

It will download the tarball into a temporary directory, extract the _oasis file and use it to produce a <package>.<version> directory. Along the way, oasis2opam may display suggestions so your OPAM package has richer metadata.

If you want to "opamify" your project, so that for example you can opam pin it, use

oasis2opam --local

To keep the generated OPAM files up to date with the changes you make to your _oasis file, add a rule executing oasis2opam --local -y in your Makefile.


If a Flag name matches a findlib library, oasis2opam will assume it is to be enabled if and only if this library is present and will add a --enable- to the configure step conditioned by the presence of the corresponding OPAM packages (without version constraints, you must set these next to the library, in the BuildDepends: field).

The default value of flags will be used to determine whether the libraries appearing in the conditional sections are to be considered optional or mandatory.

OPAM tags are generated from the Oasis "Tags:" field. "clib:" tags will automatically be added with the names of the C libraries that are used in order to ease searches.

The OPAM field dev-repo is generated using the SourceRepository section. If there is such a section named opam-pin, it is preferred. If not, one named head, then master, then any SourceRepository are used (in that order). If no SourceRepository is present in _oasis a warning is issued.

If an _opam file is found, its content is merged into the file opam being created. Specifically, the content of the "depends" section (if it exists) is added to same section in opam and the rest of the file is appended to the opam file. This is useful to add build only dependencies that are not declared in _oasis and a depexts section.


This tool uses the oasis library. It also relies on the presence of external programs: you need wget or curl, and tar.


Tool to convert OASIS metadata to OPAM package descriptions



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