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From: Gabriel Scherer <>

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  • Any prerequisites required to build OCaml from sources.

  • The Unix editor 'ed', no longer installed by default on some systems.

  • A LaTeX installation.

  • The HeVeA LaTeX-to-HTML convertor (available in OPAM):

Note that you must make sure hevea.sty is installed into TeX properly. Your package manager may not do this for you. Run kpsewhich hevea.sty to check.


  1. Check out the relevant OCaml sources from the subversion repository, and build as usual. If you don't have an OCaml installation, you can install this one with make install.


Github mirror:

We shall refer to this the "compiler".

  1. Check out ocamldoc from the subversion repository (contains this README file).


Github mirror:

We shall refer to this as the "manual".

  1. Make a symlink release in the root directory of the manual checkout, pointing to the compiler directory from step 1.

  2. Make sure LD_LIBRARY_PATH (OS X: DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH) points to and dllcamlstr.o from ocaml/otherlibs/{unix,str} in the previously-built compiler directory

  3. Run make tools in the manual to build the tools needed for making the manual

  4. Run make in the manual.


In the manual:

  • The HTML Manual is in directory htmlman. The main file is index.html.

  • The plain text manual is in direcory textman as file manual.txt.

  • The Info manual is in directory infoman.

  • The DVI manual is in directory texstuff as file manual.dvi.

  • The PDF manual is in directory texstuff as file pdfmanual.pdf.

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