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This repository contains the upcoming version of It is currently served at


  • Integrated documentation and package management: The site combines the package management (currently with a new central documentation source (codenamed '') for all 14000+ opam packages directly within the site.

  • Responsive and accessible: The site design also takes into account modern web-design principles, restructuring the old content in accordance with methods that will present it more compellingly. It is a total redesign that modernises the look and feel of the webpage, as well as make it easier to navigate, and more accessible (particularly on mobile devices).

  • Separation of data editing from HTML/CSS generation: The data used in the website is stored in Yaml or Markdown so users can easily edit it and contribute to the website. We generate OCaml code from this data to serve the site content and and Ocurrent to automate the data pipelines. All the data used in the site can be found in ./data.

Getting started

You can setup the project with:

make switch

And run it with:

make start

See our contributing guide for more detailed instructions.


Thank you to everyone who contributed to the development of this new version of the website!

In particular:

  • Ashish Agarwal (Solvuu)
  • Kanishka Azimi (Solvuu)
  • Richard Davison (Solvuu)
  • Patrick Ferris (OCaml Labs)
  • Gemma Gordon (OCaml Labs)
  • Isabella Leandersson (OCaml Labs)
  • Thibaut Mattio (Tarides)
  • Anil Madhavapeddy (University of Cambridge)

For the groundwork on rethinking the sitemap, user flows, new content, design, and frontend and package docs!

  • Jon Ludlam (OCaml Labs)
  • Jules Aguillon (Tarides)
  • Lucas Pluvinage (Tarides)

For the work on the package site infrastructure and UI!

  • Paul-Elliot Anglès d’Auriac (Tarides)

For meticulously going through the website to find issues.

  • Isabella Leandersson (OCaml Labs)
  • Asaad Mahmood (Tarides)

For the work on the designs and bringing them to life on the frontend!

  • Christine Rose (Tarides)
  • Isabella Leandersson (OCaml Labs)

For the work on the new content and reviewing the existing one!

We’d also like to thank the major funders who supported work on revamping the website: grants from the Tezos Foundation and Jane Street facilitated the bulk of the work. Thank you, and if anyone else wishes to help support it on an ongoing basis then donations to the OCaml Software Foundation and grants to the maintenance teams mentioned above are always welcomed.


We'd love your help improving!

See our contributing guide in


  • The source code is released under ISC
  • The data is released under CC BY-SA 4.0
  • Code examples within the content are released under UNLICENSE.
  • The OCaml logo is released under UNLICENSE.
  • The vendored files are listed with their licenses in LICENSE-3RD-PARTY

See our LICENSE for the complete licenses.