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COCAN website

Safety : [Esther]

Portable programs: (Except WxCaml and Case Studies paragraphs) [Esther]

Speed: (Just the part on the Inria page) [Esther] Imported all that I found interesting in "Choose your platform". [ChriS] website

Imported all tutorials from

  • The Basics [en, fr, it, de, ja, ko, zh]
  • The Structure of OCaml Programs [en, fr, it, ja, zh]
  • Data Types and Matching [en, fr, it, ja, zh (part)]
  • Null Pointers, Asserts and Warnings [en, fr, it, ja]
  • Functional Programming [en, fr, it, ja, zh]
  • Modules [en, fr, ja, ko]
  • If Statements, Loops and Recursion [en, fr, it, ja, ko (part)]
  • Labels [en, ja]
  • Objects [en, ja]
  • Garbage Collection [en, ja]
  • Performance and Profiling [en, ja]
  • Introduction to Gtk
  • Calling C libraries
  • Calling Fortran libraries
  • Common error messages [en, fr, ja]
  • OCaml and the Web [en, ja]
  • Programming style [replaced with "OCaml Programming Guidelines"]
  • Standard Library Examples [en, ja, zh]
  • Compiling OCaml projects [en, ja]
  • Command-line arguments [en, ja, zh]
  • File manipulation [en, ja, zh (part)]
  • Camlp4 3.10
  • Filenames and extensions [en, zh]
  • Streams
  • Stream Expressions