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As of Oct 2015, the OCaml compiler is hosted on GitHub. The information below is no longer valid.

Subversion Repository

OCaml is developed using the Subversion (SVN) version control system. Public read-only access to our Subversion repository is available. It enables advanced users to track changes and bug-fixes in real-time, without having to wait for the next release.

Bugs can be reported and followed on Mantis.

There is also a read-only mirror on GitHub, which is automatically synchronized with the official SVN repository on a regular basis.

Accessing the repository

The address of the repository is To check out a local, working copy of the sources:

svn checkout

where dir is the subdirectory of interest (see table below).

To update a local working copy with our latest changes:

svn update

If you are not familiar with Subversion commands, see the documentation.

If you do not need a local copy of the sources but just wish to see changes and their history, you can also browse the repository via a Web interface.

Repository structure

Directory (dir) Contents
ocaml/trunk The development version of OCaml. It will become the next major release. Not very stable; use at your own risk.
ocaml/version/X.YY The bug-fix branch for the major release number X.YY (e.g. 3.11). Minor releases are culled from this branch. Only bug-fixes and minor extensions are performed in this branch, but not incompatible changes. Recommended for advanced users who wish to track bug fixes.
ocaml/branches/ Various branches containing experiments or extensions to OCaml, e.g. ocaml/branches/jocamltrunk for JoCaml. Many of the experimental branches have been folded in the development sources. To explore the contents, use svn list or browse the repository