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make separate pages for Consortium and OCaml Labs #110

agarwal opened this Issue · 3 comments

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These are currently inlined in Support, and are not particularly prominent. It's hard to see the distinction between the Consortium and OCaml Labs sections. This is perhaps just a styling issue, but it might be better to make the Support page analogous to the proposed Groups page. Just be a list of organizations with short descriptions and links to the organizations' main pages.

Then, we can move the content of the Consortium section to consortium/index.html. For OCaml Labs, I'm not sure. We could make an ocamllabs/index.html page, or maybe we should simply link to the OCaml Labs website. Otherwise, we'll start duplicating content.


we're going to do another round of improving the OCL web pages, so happy to start moving stuff onto as appropriate /cc @amirmc


Relevant to #113

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