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port media from Inria #82

agarwal opened this Issue · 4 comments

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As recommended by Anil, port all static media (e.g. PDF, tarballs) from to a new github repo and make that repo a submodule of this one.


I've created a new repo, and emailed Xavier about a bulk transfer of the files on Inria's server.


Xavier's impression is that it will be easier to leave most static media on, especially as long as Damien is the release manager. They will continue to manage most of this content, and they feel it will be easier for them to continue using their current setup. However, we should look through all of the media and assure that none of it relates strictly to html content (e.g. images). Such items really should be moved to the repo.

Most (perhaps all) of the content in question here is available tat We can use wget -R to pull all of it and look through it to assess what perhaps should be moved.


Any news on this? I think it's related to #515.


My view has been that all content under is still fully valid, and all other paths under are deprecated. I don't think there's anything we can do about this. Inria wants to maintain the pub/ folder as-is. (Ideally we could do #115.)

Thus, I think we can close this issue.

@dsheets dsheets closed this
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