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Here are some tasks with some details about how to tackle them and possible references. Do not forget to add your name to the contributors page to showcase your efforts! In addition to the whole community being thankful, contributors demonstrating a strong commitment for several months will be offered commit rights to the repository.

Move the content of opam.ocaml.org to ocaml.org/opam/

  • Propose a design (mockups) for how the various menus would fit together.
  • Once the mockups are accepted, modify the opam.o.o maintenance scripts so they generate the proposed layout.
  • Merge the opam.o.o scripts with those of o.o to generate the opam content.
  • Adapt the infrastructure scripts — note they sync with deletion if 2 different builds are used.

Improve/restructure tutorials

  • The install page (also the French one) should be updated. See also #801
  • Improve Faqs – #765 (should be easy).
  • Pick up any tutorial and improve it. For ideas, see e.g.,
    • #801 (Ubuntu installation),
    • #739 (import lablgtk+ tutorial),
    • #641 (translation),
    • #627 (Weak module tutorial),
    • #611 (basic tutorial for ocamlfind),
    • #605 (fix links),
    • #598 (Set tutorial),
    • #500 (first step tutorial),
    • #451 (polymorphic variants),
    • #450 (;; v.s. ;)
  • Explain why there are several "standard libraries" and the philosophy behind them — helping the newcomers to choose.

Create thematic pages

For each of the topics below, list the various libraries that exists (should eventually be partly automated with opam tags), explain the strengths and weaknesses in order to help user to pick up the right one for him, for each of them show some code to get started,... This may be one way to incorporate content from awesome-ocaml. Inspiration for the topics: Python.

  • OCaml for the web (ocamlnet, ocsigen, cohttp, typed HTML, js_of_ocaml,...)
  • OCaml for science (lacaml, gls, sundialsml, root finding, lbfgs...)
  • ...

Improve the infrastructure

  • Make a tool to report which translations are out of date (based on the Git history). Use OCaml Git for that. Bonus points for showing the diff of the English version and opening an issue on Github.
  • Given some meetup groups, extract the dates of the meetings (from iCal links?) and display them on the website.
  • Separate the "Jobs" feeds (specific file alike planet_feeds.txt) and display them in another tab (next to News) on the front page and in another page in the planet (crosslinked with the planet).
  • Make a bot for IRC that would help with basic questions (eventually using machine learning) and help to collect stats.
  • Version control the infrastructure scripts — needs to be done in close collaboration with a member of OCaml.org team.
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AltGr commented Aug 25, 2016

Move the content of opam.ocaml.org to ocaml.org/opam/

Note that this is generated by opam2web, and that there is some administration involved (README slightly out of date). Although merging the design and layout of the two sites is a good idea, I am uncertain about that move.

Note that the site also includes the not-quite-dead platform blog generated from this repo.

https://opam.ocaml.org/ is also used by opam as the repository where packages are fetched from, and I don't think that would be wise to change. Administration scripts mentionned above mix updates of the package repository and the website.

Chris00 commented Aug 25, 2016

@AltGr Thanks for the information. I am only talking about moving the web site part, not the data relevant to opam (and actually using opam.o.o to host backups of all packages, including their development repositories). Changing the domain name for a part of the site is not good IMHO—in particular, if you pin a tab with o.o, going to packages will open a new tab, which is confusing.

amirmc commented Aug 30, 2016

Move the content of opam.ocaml.org to ocaml.org/opam/

I think it's better to use something like ocaml.org/pkg/, or ocaml.org/packages, or similar. This doesn't tie it to the name of the tool and is better in the long term. The original wireframes I put together had examples of how this might work (there are screencasts in the blog post but the online version is no longer available). If they're still useful we can figure out how to update them.

example page

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