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It seems like the new packages list on the main page is broken. It sorts packages by inverse alphabetical order instead of most recently updated or newest first.

pwbs commented Oct 14, 2016

That thing breaks every now and then, it's just so annoying!

dsheets commented Oct 15, 2016

It is likely due to the use of an older opam-lib with poor error handling and the merging of slightly unexpected content in opam-repository. It is very difficult to understand the issue without access to the machine or at least logs.

AltGr commented Oct 20, 2016

For what it's worth, I am using the (unreleased) 1.3 branch now for the linting of Camelus, which has an unchanged repo format from 1.2, but some of the improvements of 2.0, in particular regarding error handling. Also, I included some lint-related backports.

Maybe it would be worth releasing opam-lib 1.3 -- although I would prefer to ask for migration only once, directly to 2.0.

pwbs commented Oct 21, 2016

@dsheets could you send your ssh key to @Chris00 (or to me...) ; well, if you want access of course.

pwbs commented Jan 17, 2017

BTW, it's still broken...

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