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agarwal commented Jan 16, 2013

We should list user groups, e.g. NYU OCaml Meetup and OCaml Users in PariS (OUPS), on a new page, and link to it from the Community menu. These are awkwardly linked to from the Meetings page currently, but it doesn't make sense there.


Chris00 commented Jan 16, 2013

OK but the page will look rather empty! We could add some pictures but I am not sure it will make a big difference. Maybe one should rename the page "User groups and meetings"?

There used to be regular meetings in Japan and Australia. Not sure whether the groups still exist though.


avsm commented Jan 16, 2013

Cambridge has one too; /cc @mcclurmc for more info.


agarwal commented Jan 16, 2013

True, there are just about 5 groups currently. If each has a logo, it might
not look too sparse. But I'm okay with User Groups being a section on top
of the Meetings page too.

On Wed, Jan 16, 2013 at 12:29 PM, Anil Madhavapeddy <> wrote:

Cambridge has one too; /cc @mcclurmc for
more info.

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amirmc commented Feb 26, 2013

Relevant to #113

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