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This is the source code implementing a new website for the OCaml community. Information here is relevant only to developers and content contributors. End-users of the website should simply visit the website, which is currently being hosted at (It is hoped that this site will eventually be served by the URL, but that is not finalized yet.)


Building the html pages requires:

Weberizer is Christophe Troestler's templating tool. It allows us to easily provide a consistent design to multiple pages. You will only need to understand this tool if you are contributing design changes. Content contributors can focus on the pure html source within src/html/.


Currently the site consists only of static html pages, and so can be built and run entirely on a local machine without dependencies on external file or database servers. Simply run:


This will generate a new folder 'www' that contains the full website.


Changes can be published by running:

make publish

Of course, this is only allowed by the project administrators that have write permission to the production server.


You can reach the development team by posting to the mailing list.

To begin contributing, visit the master repo on github, click the "Fork" button, make changes to your copy, and submit pull requests. It's that easy!

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