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Travis Build Status


This is the source code implementing the website. Information here is relevant only to developers and content contributors. End-users of the website should simply visit the website, which is hosted at

Note: if you just want to edit a page you do not need to follow the instructions below. Simply click on the pen in the top right corner of the page and you will be redirected to that page on GitHub where you can edit it and submit your changes without leaving your browser.


Dependencies can be installed by running make deps, which runs the necessary OPAM commands. See the opam file for more information on the required packages.

Note this is the only purpose of the opam file. This repository doesn't provide any resources intended for use in other projects, so it is not provided as a package in any opam repository.

In addition to the above opam packages, it is expected that the following programs are available:

  • bash
  • curl
  • rsync
  • GNU make


The site consists only of static pages, so it can be built and run entirely on a local machine without dependencies on external file or database servers. Simply run:


(or make -j for a faster build on multicore machines. NB: you might need to limit the number of forks e.g make -j 8 ref).

This will generate a new folder that contains the full website. Note that building the site will attempt to connect to the Internet to download the news and latest email conversations. As usual, use make clean to delete the files generated by the compilation.


site — Main content of the site. Most files are in Markdown syntax and converted to HTML by the build scripts.

template — Templates governing the overall look and feel of the site. These are applied to the pages within site/ when the site is built. References to templates within site pages should be of the form template/template-file-name because the build script assumes this directory structure.

script — Scripts used to build the site.


For general discussion about the site's implementation, you can post to the infrastructure mailing list.

For a specific bug report, content suggestion, or feature request, please create an issue on GitHub. Or best of all, fork the repo, make changes to your copy, and submit pull requests. It's that easy!