Draft OCaml Logos

Amir Chaudhry edited this page Mar 7, 2014 · 11 revisions

A New Logo for OCaml (work in progress)

Please send any feedback to Amir.

Final Version!

There are dark versions and reversed versions (white ones for use with dark backgrounds). To get all the images, clone the repo and look under the folder images/OCaml-Branding/ or download a zip file.

New OCaml Logo

Feb 2014

This incorporates the feedback from the previous iteration and is intended to be the final version of the logo.

RC1 Draft OCaml Logo

Sep 2013

Please leave feedback at https://github.com/ocamllabs/sandbox-ocaml.org/issues/16

Image 02 Draft OCaml Logo

Image 03 Draft OCaml Logo

Image 04 Draft OCaml Logo

Image 05 Draft OCaml Logo

Mar 2013

As part of a discussion on https://github.com/ocaml/ocaml.org/issues/44

Draft OCaml Logo

Dec 2012

Draft OCaml Logo

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