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Problème d'utilisation du module Num en compilation native sous Windows (O'Caml v3.04) #3358

vicuna opened this issue May 23, 2002 · 3 comments


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commented May 23, 2002

Original bug ID: 1164
Reporter: administrator
Status: closed (set by @xavierleroy on 2013-08-31T10:46:25Z)
Resolution: fixed
Priority: normal
Severity: feature
Fixed in version: 3.13.0+dev
Category: ~DO NOT USE (was: OCaml general)

Bug description


Je n'arrive pas à compiler une librairie incluant le module Num sous
Windows. L'appel est le suivant :

ocamlopt -a -o project.cmxa nums.cmxa file1 file2 ...

Je récupère le message suivant :

C:\progra~1\object~1\lib\nums.cmxa is not a compilation unit


Remarque : Je n'ai pas de problèmes avec ocamlc et nums.cma.

Mon fichier nums.cmxa est-il corrompu ? J'ai réinstallé O'Caml 3.04
sans succès.
Ci-joint, le fichier nums.cmxa.


Sébastien Furic

??�3°  ð(Int_misc  #Sys0›V±Éó ’Câ¸5àmWͲ  Pervasives04¿�nd,£"�îA@K‹›µ  (Int_misc0±��c �šÔ�|‘Á¦ºi<@  #Sys0VhOQøkµ„—�'Þð7{  *Pervasives0�I{§%�#X¼“�ˆb�G'@@ B@@@0zp|e^¦?,Bë|4ö"b}  ð+String_misc  &String0_tE�5@�ƒÄÚ÷û™�¾}  Pervasives04¿�nd,£"�îA@K‹›µ  +String_misc0Ú@!äÃ?óx¥8?@k�-@@@ C@@@0VÝ~�•*�(¶ÍÈúզɠ ð#Nat  &String0_tE�5@�ƒÄÚ÷û™�¾}  #Nat0�úLfÈXçö‹³9é+n¢l  #Sys0›V±Éó ’Câ¸5àmWͲ  #Obj0zlU(ì?Þ2š�<6ÊhYä  (Int_misc0±��c �šÔ�|‘Á¦ºi<  *Pervasives04¿�nd,£"�îA@K‹›µ  $Char0“Gÿ?†ËâñW>á‘õ�—Ü@  $Char0ª>ŸÆˆ�?îîdf<éË+Ñ  &String0HŸ&%}-‘¨\4Ö:ßÓwv  (Int_misc0zp|e^¦?,Bë|4ö"b}  *Pervasives0�I{§%�#X¼“�ˆb�G'  #Sys0VhOQ*økµ„—�'Þð7{@@ E B D F C@@@0MÄ Ý@ø´Ó.«Hrž/Ql  ð'Big_int  'Big_int0Xœº×Ákás¢Oï‘ÆX­g  &String0_tE�5@�ƒÄÚ÷û™�¾}  #Nat0�úLfÈXçö‹³9é+n¢l  (Int_misc0±��c �šÔ�|‘Á¦ºi<  *Pervasives04¿�nd,£"�îA@K‹›µ  $Char0“Gÿ?†ËâñW>á‘õ�—Ü@  &String0HŸ&%}-‘¨\4Ö:ßÓwv  $Char0ª>ŸÆˆ�?îîdf<éË+Ñ  'Failure0????????????????  0Division_by_zero��  (Int_misc0zp|e^¦?,Bë|4ö"b}  *Pervasives0�I{§%�#X¼“�ˆb�G'  #Nat0MÄ Ý@ø´Ó.«Hrž/Ql@@ D C B@@@0‡‹N¸í¶(?xÏv³=}ùX  ð+Arith_flags  *Pervasives04¿�nd,£"�îA@K‹›µ  +Arith_flags0Q�ß$�‚pY‚�®ÇÜ]Ø�@@@@@@0�7�8f{QÑd™ñ0À�‹ð  ð%Ratio  &String0_tE�5@�ƒÄÚ÷û™�¾}  +String_misc0Ú@!äÃ?óx¥8?@K*�-  +Arith_flags0Q�ß$�‚pY‚�®ÇÜ]Ø�  (Int_misc0±��c �šÔ�|‘Á¦ºi<  #Nat0�úLfÈXçö‹³9é+n¢l  *Pervasives04¿�nd,£"�îA@K‹›µ  'Big_int0Xœº×Ákás¢Oï‘ÆX­g  %Ratio0ÛáÌU¶�ûmÖŠ?"Zäš!@  +String_misc0VÝ~�•*�(¶ÍÈúզɠ &String0HŸ&%}-‘¨\4Ö:ßÓwv  #Nat0MÄ Ý@ø´Ó.«Hrž/Ql  (Int_misc0zp|e^¦?,Bë|4ö"b}  +Arith_flags0�7�8f{QÑd™ñ0À�‹ð  'Big_int0‡‹N¸í¶(?xÏv³=}ùX  *Pervasives0�I{§%�#X¼“�ˆb�G'@@ C D B@@@0õ�y?y¦ÿy³ç;6�^Ô  ð#Num  #Num03²„ð7¥Ì<Ùæ;à�_áF  +Arith_flags0Q�ß$�‚pY‚�®ÇÜ]Ø�  (Int_misc0±��c �šÔ�|‘Á¦ºi<  #Nat0�úLfÈXçö‹³9é+n¢l  *Pervasives04¿�nd,£"�îA@K‹›µ  'Big_int0Xœº×Ákás¢Oï‘ÆX­g  %Ratio0ÛáÌU¶�ûmÖŠ?"Zäš!@  'Failure0????????????????  #Nat0MÄ Ý@ø´Ó.«Hrž/Ql  *Pervasives0�I{§%�#X¼“�ˆb�G'  +Arith_flags0�7�8f{QÑd™ñ0À�‹ð  %Ratio0õ�y?y¦ÿy³ç;6�^Ô  (Int_misc0zp|e^¦?,Bë|4ö"b}  'Big_int0‡‹N¸í¶(?xÏv³=}ùX@@ B@@@0?Ï�|±Äƒ�¢Ê4¼óº�$  ð,Arith_status  ,Arith_status0:-Ë�°p„t|W�Á¦y�H  *Pervasives04¿�nd,£"�îA@K‹›µ  +Arith_flags0Q�ß$�‚pY‚�®ÇÜ]Ø�@  *Pervasives0�I{§%�#X¼“�ˆb�G'  +Arith_flags0�7�8f{QÑd™ñ0À�‹ð@@@@@0�(íÍývH��Õ£Í$;—-@ &-lnums@@----------------


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commented Jun 18, 2002

Comment author: administrator

ocamlopt -a doesn't accept .cmxa arguments. Doing so requires working around
"ar"'s stupidity.


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commented Jan 20, 2012

Comment author: @damiendoligez

The behaviour is still the same. We need a better error message, like "option -a is not compatible with .cmxa arguments".


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commented Feb 6, 2012

Comment author: @damiendoligez

Fixed by outputting a better error message when -a is mixed with .cmxa inputs.

Fixed in trunk [3.13.0] (commit 12130)

@vicuna vicuna closed this Aug 31, 2013

@vicuna vicuna added the feature-wish label Mar 19, 2019

bobzhang added a commit to BuckleScript/ocaml that referenced this issue Mar 23, 2019

Merge pull request ocaml#3358 from chenglou/typecore
[Super errors] Simplify super_typecore logic
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