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linking -big- files causes failure in ocamlc #5957

vicuna opened this issue Mar 21, 2013 · 5 comments

linking -big- files causes failure in ocamlc #5957

vicuna opened this issue Mar 21, 2013 · 5 comments


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@vicuna vicuna commented Mar 21, 2013

Original bug ID: 5957
Assigned to: @gasche
Status: closed (set by @xavierleroy on 2015-12-11T18:18:37Z)
Resolution: fixed
Priority: normal
Severity: minor
Platform: x86
OS: Ubuntu Linux
OS Version: 12.04
Version: 4.00.1
Fixed in version: 4.01.0+dev
Category: back end (clambda to assembly)
Duplicate of: #5920
Related to: #7335

Bug description

When linking big .cmo files (like created by -pack in the Jane St core lib), ocamlc will fail with an Invalid_argument("String.create") -- it's trying to create a string of length 43Mbytes.

Steps to reproduce

(can repro with an opam installation pretty easily):

(1) ocaml4.00.1 + opam (1.0.0)
(2) opam install -y ocamlfind core

(3) compile the below file "" with:

% camlfind ocamlc -verbose -package core,threads.posix -linkpkg -thread -
custom -g -o yadda

module Mutex = Core.Std.Mutex

let main() =
let m = Mutex.create() in
Mutex.lock m ;
if Mutex.try_lock m then print_string "Free" else print_string "Held by
with _ -> print_string "Held by me") ;
print_newline() ;
flush stdout ;
Mutex.unlock m

main() ;;

Additional information

I built a version of ocamlc with "-g" and got a backtrace. I believe that the problem is with Misc.input_bytes, as it is used to read debug info. I am sure that this is not the right fix, but this -does- work (make world, make world.opt, make bootstrap, install, then rerun testcase).

diff -Bwiu --recursive ../../Caml4.00/src.OLD/ocaml-4.00.1/bytecomp/
--- ../../Caml4.00/src.OLD/ocaml-4.00.1/bytecomp/ 2012-04-16
08:27:42.000000000 -0700
+++ ocaml-4.00.1/bytecomp/ 2013-03-20 20:59:48.459111534 -0700
@@ -188,7 +188,7 @@

(* Record compilation events *)

-let debug_info = ref ([] : (int * string) list)
+let debug_info = ref ([] : (int * string list) list)

(* Link in a compilation unit *)

@@ -199,7 +199,7 @@
Symtable.patch_object code_block compunit.cu_reloc;
if !Clflags.debug && compunit.cu_debug > 0 then begin
seek_in inchan compunit.cu_debug;

  • let buffer = input_bytes inchan compunit.cu_debugsize in
  • let buffer = input_big_bytes inchan compunit.cu_debugsize in
    debug_info := (currpos_fun(), buffer) :: !debug_info
    output_fun code_block;
    @@ -255,7 +255,7 @@
    let output_debug_info oc =
    output_binary_int oc (List.length !debug_info);
  • (fun (ofs, evl) -> output_binary_int oc ofs; output_string oc evl)
  • (fun (ofs, evll) -> output_binary_int oc ofs; (List.iter (output_string
    oc) evll))
    debug_info := []

diff -Bwiu --recursive ../../Caml4.00/src.OLD/ocaml-4.00.1/utils/
--- ../../Caml4.00/src.OLD/ocaml-4.00.1/utils/ 2012-07-30
11:59:07.000000000 -0700
+++ ocaml-4.00.1/utils/ 2013-03-20 21:05:02.207099022 -0700
@@ -160,6 +160,25 @@

+let input_big_bytes ic n =

  • let _blocksiz = 65536 in
  • let input0 n =
  • assert (n <> 0) ;
  • let toread = min n _blocksiz in
  • let result = String.create toread in
  • let nread = input ic result 0 toread in
  •  assert (nread <> 0) ;
  •  if nread <> toread then
  •   String.sub result 0 nread
  •  else result in
  • let rec inrec acc n =
  • if n = 0 then List.rev acc
  • else
  •  let buf = input0 n in
  •   inrec (buf::acc) (n-(String.length buf)) in
  • inrec [] n

(* Integer operations *)

let rec log2 n =
diff -Bwiu --recursive ../../Caml4.00/src.OLD/ocaml-4.00.1/utils/misc.mli
--- ../../Caml4.00/src.OLD/ocaml-4.00.1/utils/misc.mli 2012-05-30
06:29:48.000000000 -0700
+++ ocaml-4.00.1/utils/misc.mli 2013-03-20 20:47:46.707140317 -0700
@@ -72,6 +72,10 @@
(* [input_bytes ic n] reads [n] bytes from [ic] and returns them
in a new string. It raises [End_of_file] if EOF is encountered
before all the bytes are read. *)
+val input_big_bytes : in_channel -> int -> string list;;

  •    (* [input_bytes ic n] reads [n] bytes from [ic] and returns them
  •       in a new string.  It raises [End_of_file] if EOF is encountered
  •       before all the bytes are read. *)

val log2: int -> int
(* [log2 n] returns [s] such that [n = 1 lsl s]

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@vicuna vicuna commented Mar 21, 2013

Comment author: @gasche

This is the same bug report as #5920, but I'm keeping this one as your patch is a good way to start discussion.

As far as patches are concerned, it seems that you identified the right point to change for the debuginfo problem, but I must say I like Benoît's approach in better. It might be interesting to merge the two things, that is extend the use of his LongString type to a input_long_bytes function and use it in the place you changed.

That said, the remark on 32bits users suffering from a lack of maintainer love still stands. Your best long-term workaround is to use a 64 bit architecture.

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@vicuna vicuna commented Mar 22, 2013

Comment author:

Gasche, I looked at Benoit's changes, and

(a) to someone who doesn't understand the compiler much, yes his changes look analogous to what I tried to do

(b) his Longstring is much nicer than my little -hack- of "string list". Heh. I thought of writing something prettier (a Bigstring module) but decided that before going down that path, I'd log the report -- in case somebody else had already gone down this road. As, it turn out, somebody did.

So (c) I'll try out his Longstring and report back.

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@vicuna vicuna commented Mar 25, 2013

Comment author:

gasche, I verified that Benoit's patch, with some minor additions to cover the case that my patch was for, builds, passes bootstrap, and also passes the testcase that I submitted above.

It's a pretty minor change, and I'm going to upload "longstring-2.diff", containing both benoit's patch, and my changes on top of his.

[Ugh: I included a file by mistake. "longstring-3.diff" should contain the right diff]

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@vicuna vicuna commented Apr 2, 2013

Comment author: @damiendoligez

I think we should apply this patch. Should it go into trunk only, or also in the 4.00 branch?

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@vicuna vicuna commented Apr 17, 2013

Comment author: @gasche

I just committed the change (in trunk only) with minor cosmetic changes.

Thanks, chetsky, for your help.

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