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corrupted final_table #6919

vicuna opened this issue Jun 27, 2015 · 4 comments

corrupted final_table #6919

vicuna opened this issue Jun 27, 2015 · 4 comments


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vicuna commented Jun 27, 2015

Original bug ID: 6919
Reporter: @ygrek
Status: closed (set by @damiendoligez on 2015-07-10T14:09:54Z)
Resolution: fixed
Priority: urgent
Severity: crash
Version: 4.02.2
Target version: 4.02.3+dev
Fixed in version: 4.02.3+dev
Category: runtime system and C interface
Tags: patch
Monitored by: @ygrek @dbuenzli @yakobowski

Bug description

We are experiencing strange crashes in Gc after switching from 4.02.1 to 4.02.2 but I don't have a small repro case for now (and as such cannot exclude misbehaving C bindings etc but the code is stable with 4.02.1), maybe you have a quick idea based on symptoms.
My investigation led me to the following changeset :


AFAIU it changes behaviour in the way that final_table offsets are now not updated after every minor collection, I do not know whether
it is an important invariant.

Here are the details of my issue if of any use :

It crashes when calling functions from final_table, in my case it is a Gc alarm registered by ocamlnet, but that alarm
just sets one mutable variable, so it is not a suspect.

At the start of program final_table looks alright with one entry like this :

(gdb) ml_dump/r final_table 4
*0x1c3c300: Closure( camlGc__call_alarm_1056 , 0x3 )
*0x1c3c308: ( ( 1 ) , Closure( camlNetsys_win32__fun_2219 , 0x3 ) )
*0x1c3c310: NULL

*0x1c3c318: NULL

but at crash time it is obviously wrong :

(gdb) ml_dump final_table 4
*0x227e300: Closure( camlGc__call_alarm_1056 , 0x3 )
*0x227e308: u'Private_Dirty: 12 kB'
*0x227e310: NULL

*0x227e318: NULL

instead of "Private_Dirty" string it can be any ocaml value.

Stack trace looks like this :

(gdb) bt
#0 0x00000000005d8467 in camlGc__call_alarm_1056 () at
#1 0x00000000006633ba in caml_start_program ()
#2 0x000000000065f3db in caml_gc_compaction ()
#3 0x00000000004acb71 in camlMemory__reclaim_s_1540 () at
#4 0x00000000004acdc5 in camlMemory__reclaim_1555 () at

When run with debug runtime it fails on assert on line 163 in byterun/finalize.c

void caml_final_do_strong_roots (scanning_action f)
uintnat i;
struct to_do *todo;

Assert (old == young);

I would be very much grateful for any pointers how to debug this or provide more info..

Steps to reproduce

None for now, but I can reproduce it locally in less than 5 minutes.

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vicuna commented Jun 27, 2015

Comment author: @ygrek

This patch seems to fix it for me

diff --git a/byterun/minor_gc.c b/byterun/minor_gc.c
index 4aaec96..4db3f33 100644
--- a/byterun/minor_gc.c
+++ b/byterun/minor_gc.c
@@ -260,6 +260,10 @@ void caml_empty_minor_heap (void)
caml_final_empty_young ();
if (caml_minor_gc_end_hook != NULL) (*caml_minor_gc_end_hook) ();

  • else
  • {
  • caml_final_empty_young ();
  • }
    #ifdef DEBUG
    value *p;

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vicuna commented Jun 29, 2015

Comment author: @damiendoligez

Thanks for the report. I think you've nailed it, so you shouldn't spend time on a repro case.

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vicuna commented Jul 1, 2015

Comment author: @edwintorok

FWIW I just ran into this (with various symptoms: application crashing in pthread_cancel unwinder on exit, segfault after fork when Lwt is built with libev but not when built without, or segfault after fork when using OpenSSL from Lwt even without libev): ocsigen/lwt#168

I've created the testcase below before finding this bug (indeed from OCamlnet's, and I confirm that the patch fixes both the testcase and the segfaults in my application:

let x = ref false
let _ = Gc.create_alarm (fun () -> x := true)
let () =
Gc.compact ();
Gc.compact ()

(* ocamlc -runtime-variant d -o x && ./x
file finalise.c; line 163 ### Assertion failed: old == young *)

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vicuna commented Jul 10, 2015

Comment author: @damiendoligez

Thanks for the report, the fix, and the test case.

Fixed in 4.02 branch (rev 16197).

@vicuna vicuna closed this as completed Jul 10, 2015
@vicuna vicuna added this to the 4.02.3 milestone Mar 14, 2019
@vicuna vicuna added the bug label Mar 20, 2019
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