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  • The standard library is now packed into a module called Stdlib, which is open by default. This makes it easier to add new modules to the standard library without clashing with user-defined modules.

  • The modules Seq (functional iterators) and Float (floating-point operations) were added to the standard library.

  • Improvements to several error and warning messages printed by the compiler make them easier to understand.

  • Many improvements to flambda. In particular, compilation times are reduced, as well as the size of the generated .cmx files when using the -Oclassic optimisation level.

  • The GC should handle the accumulation of custom blocks in the minor heap better; this solves some memory-usage issues observed by code which allocates a lot of small custom blocks, typically small bigarrays.

  • Removed the dependency on curses/terminfo/termcap.

  • The SpaceTime profiler now works under Windows.

  • The HTML manual was restyled and looks nicer.

See also: detailed list of changes

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Feb 5, 2018
release 4.06.1+rc2