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The OCaml findlib library manager
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doc prep release 1.8.1 Jul 29, 2019
itest-aux Fix MSVC build suffixes Jun 7, 2018
mini fixes svn props Feb 13, 2013
patches Patch-Vorschlag von Chr. Spiel (BMW) Nov 10, 2005
site-lib-src no longer requiring that ocaml supports -vmthread Mar 18, 2019
src Merge branch 'master' into 'master' Mar 23, 2019
tools Require that ocamlc and ocamlc.opt are installed to the Sep 19, 2016
.gitignore added gitignore Mar 7, 2016
INSTALL Adding MacOS X packaging script. Mar 25, 2007
LICENSE Copied from CVS, changed directory tree Nov 23, 2003
Makefile.config.pattern fixing bad filename suffix for MSVC build Apr 7, 2015
configure prep 1.8.1 Jul 29, 2019
findlib-ppc.patch Copied from CVS, changed directory tree Nov 23, 2003
opam opam Apr 16, 2018

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