Attempt to automate the installation of system packages required by OPAM packages
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OPAM depext plugin

Replacement for the currently used shell-scripts handling distribution-specific installation of OPAM packages' external dependencies (as per the depexts field in their definitions).

Currently supported depexts are:

  • homebrew osx
  • macports osx
  • debian linux
  • ubuntu linux
  • centos linux
  • fedora linux
  • rhel linux
  • oraclelinux linux
  • mageia linux
  • alpine linux
  • archlinux linux
  • opensuse linux
  • win32 cygwin
  • gentoo
  • freebsd
  • openbsd
  • netbsd
  • dragonfly

This version runs as an OPAM plugin; it may help pave the way to some specification of the depexts field and give some basis for a real plugin integrating with OPAM (see

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