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synopsis: "Preprocessor-pretty-printer of OCaml"
Camlp5 is a preprocessor and pretty-printer for OCaml programs. It also provides parsing and printing tools.
As a preprocessor, it allows to:
extend the syntax of OCaml,
redefine the whole syntax of the language.
As a pretty printer, it allows to:
display OCaml programs in an elegant way,
convert from one syntax to another,
check the results of syntax extensions.
Camlp5 also provides some parsing and pretty printing tools:
extensible grammars
extensible printers
stream parsers and lexers
pretty print module
It works as a shell command and can also be used in the OCaml toplevel.
opam-version: "2.0"
maintainer: ""
authors: ["Daniel de Rauglaudre"]
homepage: ""
license: "BSD-3-Clause"
bug-reports: ""
dev-repo: "git+"
doc: ""
depends: [
"ocaml" { >= "4.02" & <= "4.07.1" }
build: [
["./configure" "--prefix" prefix "-libdir" lib "-mandir" man]
[make "world.opt"]
install: [make "install"]
remove: [
["sh" "-ecx" "./configure --prefix '%{prefix}%' -libdir '%{lib}%' -mandir '%{man}%' && %{make}% uninstall"]
[ "rm" "-rf" "%{lib}%/camlp5" ]
[ "rm" "-f" "%{man}%/man1/camlp5.1" "%{man}%/man1/camlp5o.1" "%{man}%/man1/camlp5o.opt.1" "%{man}%/man1/camlp5r.1" "%{man}%/man1/camlp5r.opt.1" "%{man}%/man1/camlp5sch.1" "%{man}%/man1/mkcamlp5.1" "%{man}%/man1/mkcamlp5.opt.1" "%{man}%/man1/ocpp5.1" ]
extra-files: ["camlp5.install" "md5=b16bcaf28bfb364236b2181fb50a6564"]
url {
src: ""
checksum: "sha256=3a9b90684a710b23b2f83f020304f0fda48219725d7a9ea881ae49effd9afdeb"