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opam-version: "2.0"
maintainer: ""
authors: ["Anil Madhavapeddy" "Thomas Leonard" "Thomas Gazagnaire"]
homepage: ""
dev-repo: "git+"
bug-reports: ""
tags: "org:mirage"
license: "ISC"
build: [make]
install: [make "install"]
remove: ["ocamlfind" "remove" "conduit"]
depends: [
"ocaml" {>= "4.01.0"}
"sexplib" {>= "109.15.00" & < "113.01.00"}
"uri" {< "2.0.0"}
"cstruct" {>= "1.0.1"}
"ipaddr" {>= "2.5.0" & < "3.0.0"}
"ocamlbuild" {build}
depopts: [
"async" {< "v0.13"}
"async_ssl" {< "v0.13"}
conflicts: [
"lwt" {<"2.4.4"}
"lwt" {>="3.0.0"}
"async_ssl" {<"112.24.00"}
"mirage-types" {<"2.0.0"}
"dns" {<"0.10.0"}
"tls" {<"0.4.0"}
"vchan" {<"2.0.0"}
"nocrypto" {<"0.4.0"}
synopsis: "Network connection library for TCP and SSL"
description: """
The `conduit` library takes care of establishing and listening for TCP and
SSL/TLS connections for the Lwt and Async libraries.
The reason this library exists is to provide a degree of abstraction
from the precise SSL library used, since there are a variety of ways to bind to
a library (e.g. the C FFI, or the Ctypes library), as well as well as which
library is used (either OpenSSL or a native OCaml TLS implementation).
If you are using the `Lwt_unix` version of the library, you can set two
environment variables to control the behaviour of the library:
- `CONDUIT_DEBUG=1` will output debug information to standard error.
- `CONDUIT_TLS=native` will force the use of the pure OCaml TLS library."""
flags: light-uninstall
url {
src: ""
checksum: "md5=7cbef53fc5c2a97c5ebe03b3b52f9b26"
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