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opam-version: "2.0"
maintainer: ["" ""]
authors: ["Thomas Gazagnaire" "Anil Madhavapeddy" "Gabriel Radanne"
"Mindy Preston" "Thomas Leonard" "Nicolas Ojeda Bar"
"Dave Scott" "David Kaloper" "Hannes Mehnert" "Richard Mortier"]
homepage: ""
bug-reports: ""
dev-repo: "git+"
license: "ISC"
tags: ["org:mirage" "org:xapi-project"]
doc: ""
build: [
["dune" "subst"] {pinned}
["dune" "build" "-p" name "-j" jobs]
["dune" "runtest" "-p" name "-j" jobs] {with-test}
depends: [
"ocaml" {>= "4.04.2"}
"dune" {>= "1.1.0"}
"ipaddr" {>= "3.0.0"}
"functoria-runtime" {>= "2.2.2"}
synopsis: "The base MirageOS runtime library, part of every MirageOS unikernel"
description: """
A bundle of useful runtime functions for applications built with MirageOS
url {
checksum: "md5=ab44f3a3071feaef7c655ef0b952dc95"
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