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opam-version: "2.0"
maintainer: ""
homepage: ""
license: "MIT"
authors: [ "Lars Nilsson" "ygrek" ]
doc: [""]
dev-repo: "git://"
bug-reports: ""
tags: ["org:ygrek" "clib:curl"]
build: [
[make "doc"] {with-doc}
[make "test"] {with-test}
install: [
[make "install"]
depends: [
"ocaml" {>= "4.02.0"}
"ocamlfind" {build}
depopts: ["lwt" "lwt_ppx"]
synopsis: "Bindings to libcurl"
description: "libcurl is a client-side URL transfer library, supporting HTTP and a multitude of other network protocols (FTP/SMTP/RTSP/etc). This library wrap easy synchronous API (Curl), synchronous parallel and generic asynchronous API (Curl.Multi), and provides an Lwt-enabled asynchronous interface (Curl_lwt)."
url {
src: ""
checksum: [
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