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Monad library #325

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I have started a monad + applicative library for Ocaml with some standard transformers. I have also supplied my own lazy list library with what I believe is much better laziness compared to BatLazyList. This is not necessarily an improvement, since the extra laziness comes with tradeoffs. Note that applicative functions such as lift2 are generated, by default, from a base applicative interface, which I believe is generally better for performance.



Hi Phil, it seems than your forgot to add the opam and descr files to your commit.

Also, opam-repository aims to accept "stable" packages only, ie. you'll need to use:

archive: "...."
checksum: "..."

in your url file (the easiest way to create an archive being adding a tag to your git repo).


haha! Thanks for the prompt response! I'm still getting used to all this. Any better?


It's much better now :-) Last (minor) point is that you don't really need to depend on oasis. People usually put oasis auto-generated files in the their repository (it's not very clean, but at least you don't depend on oasis at build time).


Ah, sounds reasonable. I'll push the files into my ocaml-monad repo for the next version.

@samoht samoht merged commit 4b6f7c9 into ocaml:master

Hi Phil, I'm trying to reach you to get your agreement to relicense your contributions under CC0, but the email address you've specified in that package doesn't work.

Could you please comment on #955 ?

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Commits on Jan 23, 2013
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    Initial commit.

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    Initial commit.

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    Added batteries dependency.

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    Checksummed and tagged.

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1  packages/monadlib.0.1/descr
@@ -0,0 +1 @@
+A starter library for monads, with transformers and applicatives.
13 packages/monadlib.0.1/opam
@@ -0,0 +1,13 @@
+opam-version: "1"
+maintainer: ""
+build: [
+ ["oasis" "setup"]
+ ["ocaml" "" "-configure" "--prefix" prefix]
+ ["ocaml" "" "-build"]
+ ["ocaml" "" "-clean"]
+ ["ocaml" "" "-install"]
+remove: [
+ ["ocaml" "" "-uninstall" "monadlib"]
+depends: ["oasis" "ocamlfind" "batteries"]
2  packages/monadlib.0.1/url
@@ -0,0 +1,2 @@
+archive: ""
+checksum: "da3aa5a4471d75c2944afed4911be9e0"
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