Convert packages from opam tu cudf directly #1204

merged 7 commits into from Feb 28, 2014
Commits on Feb 27, 2014
  1. Convert packages from opam to cudf directly

    AltGr committed Feb 27, 2014
    We used to convert through Debian, which had its merits, but their needs differ.
    Doing the conversion directly actually yields simpler code, reduces the potential bug surface,
    makes the the cudf files smaller AND gives us more expressivity.
    Closes #1185
    Closes #1179
    Instead of sorting all _mentionned_ versions of a package as done in Debian and mentionned by #1179 (comment)
    I chose to sort all _existing_ versions. This has the merit of being much more stable, as we can have universes with the same packages but different constraint sets (for optional dependency handling). This used to be handled with a hack that made sure to still _mention_ the same packages.
    Of course, constraints need then to be rewritten if they were mentionning versions that didn't exist, but that's not too complex.
    We still rely on the Debian _version ordering_ function, there should be no harm in that.
  2. Skip the final 'command opam xxx failed' unless in verbose mode

    AltGr committed Feb 27, 2014
    this is redundant since there must be more precise error messages, and we already
    got the return value of the program for that
  3. Fixed resolution with the internal heuristic

    AltGr committed Feb 27, 2014
    'dose-dummy-request' packages were left in the universe.
  4. Improve action debug printing

    AltGr committed Feb 27, 2014