Setup on macosx for opam usage

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Setting up environment variables for GUI programs on macosx has been a mess for quite some time now.

Compilation mode

If you are using compilation mode in it is likely that you won't have a correct environment (this can simply be checked by issuing env as the compilation command). There are various tips that will tell you how to adjust your $PATH, but it's not enough, there are other environment variables setup by opam.

A simple solution to this problem is to invoke the compilation mode shell as a login shell; this will read your .profile or .bash_profile file and everything should be setup correctly. This can be achieved by adding the following lines to your .emacs.

 ((eq window-system 'ns) ; macosx
  ;; Invoke login shells, so that .profile or .bash_profile is read
  (setq shell-command-switch "-lc")))

Interactive subshell

The subshell invoked through M-x shell tries to read from ~/.emacs_$SHELL or ~/.emacs.d/init_$ which is not very convenient maintenance wise. Like for compilation mode the easiest is to invoke the subshell as a login shell as this will read your .profile or .bash_profile. This can be achieved by settings the variable explicit-$SHELL-args in your .emacs. So for example if you are using bash just add:

(setq explicit-bash-args '("--login" "-i"))

to your .emacs file.

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