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title: "opam 2.0.0 Release Candidate 1 is out!" authors: "Louis Gesbert" {"mailto:louis.gesbert(à)"} date: "2018-02-02" --BODY--

We are pleased to announce a first release candidate for the long-awaited opam 2.0.0.

A lot of polishing has been done since the last beta, including tweaks to the built-in solver, allowing in-source package definitions to be gathered in an opam/ directory, and much more.

With all of the 2.0.0 features getting pretty solid, we are now focusing on bringing all the guides up-to-date¹, updating the tools and infrastructure, making sure there are no usability issues with the new workflows, and being future-proof so that further updates break as little as possible.

You are invited to read the beta5 announcement for details on the 2.0.0 features. Installation instructions haven't changed:

  1. From binaries: run

    sh <(curl -sL

    or download manually from the Github "Releases" page to your PATH.

  2. From source, using opam:

    opam update; opam install opam-devel

    (then copy the opam binary to your PATH as explained)

  3. From source, manually: see the instructions in the README.

Thanks a lot for testing out the RC and reporting any issues you may find. See what we need tested for more detail.

¹ You can at the moment rely on the manpages, the Manual, and of course the API, but other pages might be outdated.