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Releases: ocaml/tuareg

Version 3.0.1

29 Sep 13:26
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Generate tuareg.install.

Version 3.0.0

27 Sep 10:18
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Backward incompatible changes are marked with “”.

  • New option tuareg-mode-line-other-file.
  • New mode tuareg-menhir-mode.
    Note that C-c C-c launches the compilation.
  • tuareg-eval-phrase (C-c C-e and C-x C-e) now
    evaluate the smallest set of phrases containing the region if the
    latter is active.
  • tuareg-eval-phrase now skips ;; even on a separate line when moving
    forward. This permits quick evaluation of multiple phrases in succession.
  • tuareg-eval-region (C-c C-r): only send the content of
    the region to the REPL.
  • Be more subtle in phrase detection.
  • Bogus mismatched parentheses at the end of comment fixed.
  • show-paren-mode: also highlight comment delimiters. You can
    turn that off by setting tuareg-comment-show-paren to nil.
  • Syntax highlighting improvements: much faster; much better highlighting
    of function, class, and method arguments (including setting the
    font-lock-multiline property); [] and :: have the constructor
    face; first class module, type nonrec, raise_notrace, with type are handled. Finer highlighting of infix operators. Support
    for binding operators. Moreover, font-lock now has 3 possible
    levels of fontification (see the README).
  • The switch .ml .mli now uses the Emacs built-in find-file and
    was extended to .eliom .eliomi and .mly .mli. It also
    works for pre-processed files named and .pp.mli.
  • When switching from an .ml to a non-existing .mli file using
    C-c C-a, one is offered to fill the .mli buffer with the
    generated interface.
  • Set beginning-of-defun-function and end-of-defun-function which
    allows to go to the beginning of the current function (resp. end)
    with C-M-home, C-M-a or ESC
    (resp. C-M-end, C-M-e, or
    ESC C-end).
  • beginning-of-defun (C-M-a, C-M-home) is
    now repeatable. Previously it would not move the cursor if invoked
    at the beginning of a defun. Now it goes to the start of the
    previous defun, which is the standard in Emacs and generally more
  • Movement by defun now considers and clauses of a type or
    declarative let to be defuns in their own right, since that's
    closer to how programmers think. This generally makes defun-based
    operations more useful.
  • tuareg-comment-dwim is now bound to C-c C-; (fixes #149).
  • Fix the highlighting of errors locations in interactive mode.
  • ocamldebug: Handle correctly the new code pointer format (issue #205).
  • Rework electric functions (fixes issues #150 and #162).
  • Update the compilation regexp to detect warnings and errors for the
    OCaml ≥ 4.08 (fixes #202).
  • Autoload compilation error regexp so it is correct even if Tuareg
    was not loaded.
  • Messages from recent OCaml compiler versions are now parsed
    correctly for severity and source location. This includes precise
    parsing of the location start and end columns. Exception backtraces
    are now also recognised.
  • Ancillary locations are now treated as Info-level messages, not
    errors in their own right. This way they no longer contribute to
    Emacs's compilation-mode error count, but they will be ignored by
    next-error and previous-error. Set compilation-skip-threshold
    to 0 if you want next-error to step into these locations.
  • Evaluation of phrases: evaluate the above phrase if the point is in
    or after comments immediately following the let-binding (without
    separating blank lines).
  • Better indentation of empty lines (fixes #179).
  • Use a pty to communicate with the ocaml process (fixes #83).
  • tuareg-opam: syntax highlighting updates.
  • Remove tuareg-light, you should now use tuareg.
  • class type is now parsed correctly (#239).
  • Improved indentation of class definition with non-hanging object (#239).
    The new behaviour agrees with ocp-indent and seems to be the more modern
    usage. initialize clauses are also indented correctly.
  • Better default colour for extension nodes on dark background.
    tuareg-font-lock-extension-node-face was nigh-unreadable against
    a dark background. The face now uses the default background colour.
  • Ocamldoc (** ... *) comments are now fontified by their structure.
    This makes markup constructs stand out in order to improve legibility
    and reduces the risk of mistakes. The body text is set in
    font-lock-doc-face as before; mark-up constructs use
    tuareg-font-lock-doc-markup-face, which defaults to
    font-lock-doc-markup-face (new in Emacs 28) if available.

Note that the mode tuareg-dune which was in the development version
of this package is now part of Dune.

Version 2.2.0

14 Sep 20:36
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  • New mode tuareg-menhir thanks to Stefan Monnier.
    Note that C-c C-c launches the compilation.
  • tuareg-jbuilder: C-c C-c launches the compilation.
  • Be more subtle in phrase detection.
  • Syntax highlighting improvements (type nonrec, raise_notrace,
    with type).
  • tuareg-comment-dwim is now bound to C-cC-; (fixes #149).
  • Rework electric functions (fixes issues #150 and #162).
  • Remove tuareg-light, you should now use tuareg.

Note that the mode tuareg-dune which was in the development version
of this package is now part of Dune.


16 Oct 16:13
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  • Let M-q reformat strings (and use only SMIE).

  • Do not indent an expression after ;; (issue #106).

  • New face tuareg-font-double-colon-face to highlight ;;.

  • For type … and …, left-align and with type.

  • Fix indentation of some GADT type definitions.

  • Use prettify-symbols-mode to turn +. into ,… and add a menu
    entry to toggle it.

  • Properly indent type 'a foo = 'a bla = … (issue #98).

  • Properly indent (issue #7):

      module … with module X = Z
                and type t := C.t
  • Support let exception E in expr (issue #102).

  • Improved highlighting of val and module in first class module

  • Warn if a file inside a _build is edited and propose to switch.

  • Add a custom face tuareg-font-lock-label-face for labels.

  • Add option tuareg-match-patterns-aligned to allow to choose
    between the two styles:

      function          v.s.        function
      | A                           | A
        | B -> ...                  | B -> ...
      | C -> ...                    | C -> ... "
  • Highlight attributes and extension nodes.

  • Disable by default and improve the compilation advice—see the new
    variable tuareg-opam-insinuate (issue #97).

  • New keybinding C-cC-w and function tuareg-opam-update-env
    to update the environment to an opam switch (offering completion).

  • Improved highlighting of quoted strings {|…|} (issue #89).

  • Move after ;; when evaluating a phrase in the toploop (issue #96).

  • ocamldebug:

    • Add support for completion-at-point.
    • Highlight the right location even in presence of non-ascii chars
      (issue #80).
    • Make possible to pass argument to ocamldebug (say, paths with -I).
    • Make possible to pass argument to the program being debugged (issue #66).
    • Warn if SMIE is disabled.
  • New modes tuareg-jbuild and tuareg-opam with syntax
    highlighting, indentation, and skeletons.


07 Jun 23:20
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  • New indentation config var for SMIE: tuareg-indent-align-with-first-arg.
  • Many indentation improvements.
  • Fixed point jumping in ocamldebug completion (by Darius Foo).
  • Improved (var: t) syntax highlighting.
  • Color all predefined exceptions with font-lock-builtin-face
  • Syntax highlight cppo preprocessor directives.

Version 2.0.9

16 Mar 20:13
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  • Do not activate Tuareg for .mll and .mly files.
  • Toplevel prompt is readonly.
  • Font-lock code completely rewritten (avoids several hangs). New faces
    and `tuareg-font-lock-line-number-face'.
  • Non-closed comment does not cause M-q to hang.
  • New variables caml-types-build-dirs' andcaml-types-annot-dir' for
    a more versatile specification of .annot files. (Submitted back to
  • Fix toplevel highlighting of output and errors.


02 Jan 13:21
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Update the "dist" target