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Feedback on the second iteration of the logo #16

amirmc opened this Issue Sep 23, 2013 · 12 comments

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amirmc commented Sep 23, 2013

Please view the images on the wiki at:

Then leave feedback and comments here on (1) the image of the camel, as compared to the earlier version and (2) the typeface for the word 'OCaml'


My favorite is Image 02. More in general, I like the new logo.


(1) camel: I like the humps from the Sep 2013 version better, but I'd prefer if the entire camel was visible.
(2) Typeface: image02 conveys the more professional look, but image03 is nice too. Image05 definitely not: I don't like fonts that have confusable l and I characters, especially in a programming environment. This is a subjective opinion though, a friend of mine would prefer the 'a' from image05, despite the confusability of the 'l'.

Logo format: will it be available in SVG as well?

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In any case the fact that the font is no longer slanted is much better.

Contrary to Edwin I like the firmness of that l in 05 but don't like the geometry of the O and the overall balancing. In 02 the a feels fat and unsettled, in metastable equilibra and I don't like the biased terminals of l. In 04 the same remarks apply on the l and extend to the a. Thus I think i would go for 03 though I'm not very fond of that final biased terminal in l.

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pw374 commented Sep 25, 2013

The O of 02 and 05 are too fat (although I prefer a well-rounded O, the fact that it's followed by a capital C makes the word a little too unbalanced with a big rounded O followed by a C of roughly the same size).
I don't like the O of 04 since it resembles a lot like a 0 (zero), likely because it's too thin on the up and down sides. The O of 03 ends up having my favours.

Concerning the L, I don't think that the L of 05 can be confused with an I or a | or a 1, because that would make a very weird word. But my opinion is probably biased. After all, we have 2 capital letters to start the word, why not have a capital i to finish it? Anyway, the one I like the least is probably the one of 02 because of it almost looks like it's leaning forward...

I'm not a big fan of either a or m of all of them (02 to 05) for different reasons. The worst m is the 04, it feels too narrow and the 2 humps feel too thin. I don't quite like that the loop of a is so fat on the left side of 03 and 04.

To me, 03 is the winner...

nbraud commented Sep 25, 2013

I find the new humps much nicer, but the shape of the camel (on the left, just before getting truncated) looks a bit “weird” (I wasn't actually able to explain why I feel this way, though).

Like @dbuenzli I'm also much happier with a non-slanted logo.

On the font side:

  • Image 2: I really like how the shape of the 'a' is more “playful” yet the whole looks very professional. However, like @pw374 I'm not so convinced by the fatty 'OC';
  • Image 3: Looks nice, yet much more “bland” than Image 2;
  • Image 4: The 'a' looks incongruous;
  • Image 5: Fatty 'OC', bland.
hcarty commented Sep 30, 2013

Image 3 for the same reasons as @dbuenzli and others.

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amirmc commented Sep 30, 2013

Thanks for the feedback so far! It is much appreciated. It seems that Image 03 is the current front runner.

My personal opinions:

  • Non-italic is so much better
  • Completely agree with previous comments about the large 'OC'
  • I quite like the lettering in Image 02 but the large OC dominates it. (wonder what it would be like if the OC from 03 was combined with the aml from 02)
  • I much prefer the newer camel image. Larger humps implies more bactrian but ...
  • the humps should be level and the first one a bit narrower (?). Right now I look at them and ... let's just say I have the wrong mental image.

Overall, I guess I'm leaning towards Image 03 but there are tweaks I'd like to see to the image. @nbraud The camel might look a bit strange as it's half a leg you're seeing. We had an early example with a third leg visible but it looked really odd so we didn't continue down that route. If we moved the camel further to the left it would unbalance the image too much. Not sure what we can do here.

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amirmc commented Feb 5, 2014

Dear all, We have the final iteration of the logo (which I'm calling RC1) and you can see it at:

Since I've been able to incorporate most of the feedback, I'm not expecting many objections. The next step will be to get the assets and start using them (SVG files, monochrome versions etc).

hcarty commented Feb 5, 2014

I like RC1 - very nice result.

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pw374 commented Feb 5, 2014

Great news! :)

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amirmc commented Apr 4, 2014

Closing as we've completed work on the logo

@amirmc amirmc closed this Apr 4, 2014
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