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GrADS Docker Container

Builds GrADS version 2.1.1.b0 in an Alpine based docker container

Building the Dockerfile

To build the dockerfile run

docker build -t grads .

in the folder with the file.

Running GrADS

First we need some example data, grab your favorite grib2 output from a NWP model. If you don't have one handy, you can download one from NOMADS for GFS at ftp://ftpprd.ncep.noaa.gov/pub/data/nccf/com/gfs/prod/

Build the dockerfile using the step above, or pull from the Quay.io registry

docker pull quay.io/occ_data/grads

Run the container mounting the directory with your grib file to /data

docker run -v $(pwd):/data --name grads -d --rm -ti grads

Finally here is an example of how to use GrADS to generate a geotiff file of the 2-m temperature. This example uses a GFS grib2 file called gfs.t12z.pgrb2.0p25.f003.

# Generate the grib control file
docker exec -ti grads g2ctl gfs.t12z.pgrb2.0p25.f003 >gfs.t12z.pgrb2.0p25.f003.ctl

# Generate the grib index file
docker exec -ti grads gribmap -i gfs.t12z.pgrb2.0p25.f003.ctl

# Run GrADS
docker exec -ti grads grads -lb
>open fs.t12z.pgrb2.0p25.f003.ctl
>set gxout geotiff
>d tmp2m

This should have saved a geotiff called gradsgeo.tif which you can then plot with your favorite GIS software to produce something like this. Example 2-m Temperature Output