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Change license to MIT #22

city41 opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Thanks for making TraceKit! We are experimenting with it over at Rally software.

Could you indicate what TraceKit is licensed under? The license for TraceKit will be a factor into whether we can push it into production.

occ commented

This is something we have been discussing.
Original work and current fork has been licensed under ISC (

I think it is permissive enough; but I'm open to re-licensing suggestions for the fork.

occ commented

While I'm not 100% sure, I suspect that we need to:

  • See if MIT is compatible with the current license.
  • Check if we need consent/permission of the original authors to be able to change the license.

I'll need help on this one


As the original author of the code (which has been substantially changed by other contributors), I hereby grant a permission to use it under the MIT license.

@occ occ closed this in 104ae8f
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