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OCCAM Reconstructability Analysis Tools
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OCCAM: Reconstructability Analysis Tools

Copyright (c) 1990 The Portland State University OCCAM Project Team

OCCAM is a collection of software tools comprising a library with both command-line and web interfaces for Reconstructability Analysis (RA), a kind of statistical analysis closely related to Factor Analysis and Bayesian Belief Networks.

The OCCAM project has been developed over several decades at Portland State University under the auspices of its creator Prof. Martin Zwick. Programmers contributing to the work have included Ken Willett, Joe Fusion and H. Forrest Alexander.

This software is currently being released for the first time as Free Software under the GPL v3 or later. Please see the file LICENSE in this distribution for license terms.

As of right now, the software will be a bit challenging to get started with. There is documentation included, but it is rather out-of-date. The core functionality is encapsulated in a fairly standard C++ library whose interface should be relatively understandable to anyone familiar with both C++ and RA. Help making this software more generally and broadly usable would be greatly appreciated.

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