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This is the repository for OCCAM - the public face of the project. It provides introductory material and documentation about RA (Reconstructibility Analysis, the theoretical and analytical method) and about OCCAM itself.

We are working actively on providing more of this material so that community members not familiar with RA or OCCAM can quickly orient themselves and understand what OCCAM actually does and how it is being used. The method and the software are both very powerful, but not yet packaged for a wide audience. The goal is to have this repo, and its GitHub Page,, provide a concise but thoroughly informative public face which will help people to quickly get an idea what the software does and how it is currently being used for research, the status of the project, and our roadmap for development.

There is much material currently available about RA, but most of it is academic in nature and not for a general audience. A primary goal, in the short term, is to condense this material into a more accessible form for people who will be encountering OCCAM for the first time, and wish to familiarize themselves quickly.


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