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Select up and down lines that match the same pattern
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Warning: for namespacing reasons, the command names recently changed as follow:

select-down       -> vertical-selection-down
select-up         -> vertical-selection-up
select-vertically -> vertical-selection-up-and-down

kakoune plugin to copy the current selection up and downwards to all lines matching the current selection.



Add vertical-selection.kak to your autoload directory,~/.config/kak/autoload, or source it manually.


The script defines three commands: select-down, select-up and select-vertically. They respectively select all lines directly below, above and both that contain the current selection at the same position. Calling any of the commands with a multi-line selection is undefined behavior.

I suggest the following mappings:

map global user v     ': vertical-selection-down<ret>'
map global user <a-v> ': vertical-selection-up<ret>'
map global user V     ': vertical-selection-up-and-down<ret>'

See also kakoune-text-objects, for integrating this plugin into your text objects.


This was suggested as a primitive by @rouanth on 2017-01-09 (#1115) and was followed by an implementation by patching the kakoune source code (#1116). The suggested keybinding in the patch was ^.

  • #1115: Binding to copy selections vertically to equal substrings
  • #1116: Keybinding for copying selections on matching substrings vertically



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