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Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project

We investigate organized crime and corruption. For our data toolchain, see @alephdata. See @occrp-attic for our earlier works :)

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  1. Parser for CronosPro / CronosPlus database files.

    Python 38 12

  2. OCCRP and media partners collected data on COVID-19 related spending from across Europe from February to October 2020

    Jupyter Notebook 13 2

  3. Crawl a directory of files and generate a summary of what is available.

    Python 8 1

  4. Investigative Dashboard Project

    Python 5 2

  5. Watchful NGinX container -- nginx docker container that watches for logrotated logfiles and makes sure nginx reloads them when needed.

    Dockerfile 4 2

  6. honeypot Public

    A simple little honey pot to deal with some silly people. Yes, really.

    PHP 3 1


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