Boilerplate code for a MapBox microsite built on Leaflet with layer switcher and GeoJSON data layer
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MapBox Boilerplate

Built on Wax.js and Leaflet.js

  • This is boilerplate code that is intended as a starting point for new projects. Fork it and customize to your needs.
  • Wax and Leaflet libraries are included as submodules for easy maintenance/updates.
  • After forking and cloning the source, navigate to the root of the project and run the following lines to clone the submodules.
    git submodule init  
    git submodule update

Layer Switcher

  • Switchable layers defined in ul.layers in index.html
  • Inital layer li a should match var activelayer in app.js and have the attribute class="active"
  • Base layers, initial active layer, and static overlay layers are all defined in app.js


  • Tooltips appear on hover and display data from the MBTiles source through the Leaflet.js API


  • Pulling GeoJSON data from js/museums.js, can be replaced with an AJAX call for live JSON data.
  • A custom marker icon is defined in js/app.js and uses img/museum-24.png
  • Markers are clickable, and display popups with descriptions from the GeoJSON source