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Ocean Builders

We are building affordable eco-restorative floating homes that allow people to experience the beauty of living on the water

Welcome to Ocean Builders! 👋

Ocean Builders is located at Linton Bay Marina on the Caribbean Sea in Panama. We are the first company to build a floating home in the open ocean with plans to build many more. A dedicated team of experts from around the world is working on the home of the future.

Useful resources to get you started:

Ocean Builders web site
Ocean Builders list of projects
Ocean Builders blog
Ocean Builders Contributers Guide
Ocean Builders File Hub

The following diagram explains the relationship between hardware and software, how they are connected, and how we can use already digitized devices to generate user interfaces, automations, scripts, scenes and much more.

The team has been working hard and much work has already been accomplished including:

  • Seapod Home Assistant – Brain of the Seapod
  • Sensors: smoke, gas, motion, temperature, light, humidity, vibration, UV light, bildge pump water level, tank level (clean & salt water)
  • Controllers: voice control, touch screen
  • LED system
  • Solar power system
  • Electrical system
  • Water systems: Shower system, black water system (includes separator, incinerator and heat exhanger to heat up water), desalination machine, bildge pump controller
  • Entertainment (audio visual) system, multiroom audio system
  • Charging station, wireless charger
  • NFC reader, automatic door

Popular repositories

  1. ChatGPT-stream-for-Godot-4 ChatGPT-stream-for-Godot-4 Public

    Simple Godot 4 AI chat system using ChatGPT API, streaming replies for reducing lag, and using several systems for Text-to-Speech.

    GDScript 13 2

  2. .github .github Public

    Repository for the for the organization profile

  3. android android Public

    Forked from home-assistant/android

    📱 Home Assistant Companion for Android


  4. roadmap roadmap Public

  5. frontend frontend Public

    Forked from home-assistant/frontend

    🍭 Frontend for Home Assistant


  6. supervisor supervisor Public

    Forked from home-assistant/supervisor

    🏡 Home Assistant Supervisor



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