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Ocean Data Tools

Open source software for acquisition and management of oceanographic research data

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  1. openrvdas openrvdas Public

    An open source data acquisition system designed for use on research vessels and other scientific installations

    Python 36 20

  2. openvdm openvdm Public

    A comprehensive data management platform that allows vessel operators to retrieve and organizing data files created by multiple data acquisition systems into a unified cruise data package.

    PHP 10 3

  3. sealog-server sealog-server Public

    Sealog event logging server

    JavaScript 9 1

  4. sealog-client-vehicle sealog-client-vehicle Public

    Sealog Client intended for use with vehicles deployed from research vessels such as ROVs, AUVs and HOVs

    JavaScript 3 2

  5. sealog-client-vessel sealog-client-vessel Public

    Sealog Client intended for use with research vessels.

    JavaScript 1 1

  6. openrvdas_sikuliaq openrvdas_sikuliaq Public

    OpenRVDAS code, configurations and sample data for the R/V Sikuliaq



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