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OceanDAO Grants Status

OceanDAO Grants was superseded by a more decentralized & automated approach to OceanDAO. Round 23 (Nov 2022) was the final round. Here are details.

We retain content for posterity.



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What's OceanDAO Grants?

These are grants to the Ocean community, curated by the community.



Town Halls

The OceanDAO Town Hall is a regular videochat gatherings among community members, open to all. It’s a great place to get to know the community. Here you can ask questions, share proposal feedback, and more.

The Town Hall page has more info, including dates.


Join the OceanDAO Discord for ongoing collaboration and discussion.

OceanDAO Round 23

Round 23 was the final round of OceanDAO Grants.

Funding Round Proposals & 500 OCEAN in Wallet By Due Diligence Window Voting Starts Voting Ends Funding Deadline Total Round Funding Available
Round 23 Nov 8, 2022 at 23:59 GMT Nov 10, 2022 at 23:59 GMT Nov 10, 2022 at 23:59 GMT Nov 14, 2022 at 23:59 GMT Nov 28, 2022 at 23:59 GMT 35,000 USD worth of OCEAN


  • Grants and funding requests must be completed within 2 weeks of winning a grant.
  • The amount requested is in USD, but the amount paid is in OCEAN token. The conversion rate is the market price on the given Round's Voting End Period so payment can be done effectively. This determines how much OCEAN will be awarded if a proposal is voted to receive a grant. This is done automatically and updated in our Funding Rounds Airtable.

Grant Funding Categories

  • Build / improve applications or integrations to Ocean
  • Build / improve core Ocean software
  • Unleash data
  • Outreach / community / spread awareness (grants don't need to be technical in nature)
  • Improvements to OceanDAO

Here are Proposal Ideas, per Category. Some ideas / categories are prioritized via earmarks.

Earmark Categories

  • New Project (1st time proposal - nobody received a grant yet)
  • New Project "Outreach/Community" (grants don't need to be technical in nature) (1st time - nobody received a grant)
  • 2nd/3rd Time (projects with 2nd & 3rd time proposals, protected to mature before competing with big projects)
  • Core Tech (Earmarks)
  • General

Project Updates

If you have previously received a grant you must submit a Project Update to be eligible for a new round of funding. Please Visit and view overall standings at Project Standings page.

Funding Tiers

As projects complete their outcomes and add value, the DAO aims to support those teams to scale their work (and therefore funding).

All funding Categories (max per team):

[1 - New Project 🐟]

  • Funding Ceiling: $3k USD
  • Requires: No one in your project has ever received a grant from OceanDAO. Open to all.
  • Benefits: Earmarked. Receive feedback during application process. Introduced to related projects.

[2 - Existing Project 🐠]

  • Funding Ceiling: $7,5k USD
  • Requires: You have completed 1 or more grants.
  • Benefits: Same as above. Receive promotion via Newsletter, Twitter, and other channels.

[3 - Experienced Project 🐬]

  • Funding Ceiling: $15k USD
  • Requires: You have completed 2 or more grants.

Lifetime Funding Cap

As we grow as a DAO, we understand the need for free resources, available to new projects coming in. While it was the intention from day one to kickstart many Ocean Ecosystem builder projects for them to reach profitability / self-sustainability at some point, we saw that veteran projects, highly appreciated and forming the core of many of our initiatives, have digested the vast majority of said resources, in part from significant voting power on their end.

To balance this, we introduce a lifetime cap of 100,000 USD funding, from OceanDAO and Shipyard combined, regarding both "teams" and "projects". If you surpassed this cap already, kindly look into further funding sources, from 3rd party (pre-)seed rounds, your own utility token or applying to Shipyard, and lean on us for support or making the right connections.

If you are close to hitting this cap, please contemplate early on the options given above. 2 key builders, more Ocean infrastructure then working for profit, namely: OceanPearl and Ambassadors, are excluded from this limit.

Important Links

Visit the Round 23 - Proposals Page for an overview of the funding round, including all proposals submitted.

Or you can visit the Round 23 - Vote Page for a full breakdown of Votes and Grants.

To learn about important dates, visit our DAOCalendar.

To understand Funding Rounds & Grants history, you can view our Future and Previous Rounds Page.

Project Submission Criteria

Project criteria:

  • (1) Value Add
  • (2) aligned with Ocean mission
  • (3) meet a minimum proposal requirement
  • (4) One Project/One proposal.

Important Details are at Project Criteria.

Steps - Summary

Here are steps for a given funding round.

  • For Projects: Submit your project proposal. Answer community questions. The community votes whether to fund your project.
  • For Community Curators: Learn about project proposals. Then, vote. Any OCEAN holder can vote. Vote for the projects that you think will add the most value. The weight of your vote is based on your OCEAN holdings.

Steps for Projects

  1. Use to (1) Create your Project and (2) Submit Grant Proposals.
  2. If you have questions regarding your proposal, come ask our guides: OceanDAO Discord PGWG
  3. Hot tip: When submitting your proposal, keep minimum USD requested = 1. This will nearly guarantee some partial funding.
  4. Get active in OceanDAO Discord, join OceanDAO Town Halls to engage with the community and receive voting support.
  5. If voted a winner, claim grant.
  6. Complete the project by submitting your accomplished deliverables in port. If accepted, apply for greater funding.

Steps for Curators

  1. Review projects at Ocean Port.
  2. Ask questions in OceanDAO Discord and OceanDAO Town Halls.
  3. Vote on projects to choose grantees in Ocean Shapshot.


Follow this step-by-step guide on the voting process and rules!

Multi Chain!

OceanDAO grants supports assets on multiple chains for voting.

Whether you have Ocean on ETH Mainnet, Polygon, or BSC, your voting power is calculated across all separate chains when voting on Snapshot.

Boost your Voting Power

Quadratic Voting effectively makes voting more fair by having everyone's votes square rooted. This makes big wallets less effective, however to improve our voting experience, we can also boost voting powers for those who are willing to register themselves as voters.

To receive your Boost, you will need to have verified yourself via BrightID and register yourself via our web portal.

You can learn more about it here.

Delegate Your Voting Power

You are now be able to assign your voting power to another 0x address so others can vote for you.

We are looking forward to contributors becoming delegates and continuing to champion positive outcomes inside OceanDAO.

Snapshot Integration

  • Ocean voting strategies can be found here
  • To submit a new strategy into OceanDAO, submit a new PR and test/scores.ts that validates the latest OceanDAO strategy. here.


  • Amount: In each funding round, winning projects will receive from OceanDAO, up to the maximum of OCEAN Requested if there is enough funds available to be distributed.
  • Grantees: Each funding round, Ocean Protocol Foundation (OPF) will define a Maximum OCEAN Requested amount. In addition, we apply a weight to “No Votes”. This means that “No Votes” will be used to calculate a “Final Score” for each proposal. Projects that receive greater than 50% Yes Votes, will then have a “Final Score” calculated by the formula: Final Score = Yes Votes - No votes. Grantees are determined by highest “Final Score”. Funds are distributed in descending order, until there are no funds remaining. Any remaining funds will be burned.

Funding is conducted through a smart contract inside Ethereum Mainnet. You can learn how to collect your grant here.

Funds for OceanDAO comes from Ocean Protocol Foundation.

Learn more about the current OceanDAO grant recipients projects in the List of OceanDAO Grant Recipients.

If you were not selected for a grant in this Funding Round, we highly encourage you to continue to stay involved in the Ocean community. You are appreciated!

Further resources

  • FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
  • Value-Add - Criteria for teams, on value-add to Ocean ecosystem
  • Proposal Ideas - Holds many proposal ideas, including ones by the Ocean core team
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