Ocean Protocol's Open Waters Bounty Program
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The goal of this Open Bounty program is to involve the bright minds in the open source community to propose solutions around Ocean Protocol. The goal of Ocean is to create a decentralized data exchange protocol to unlock data for AI. We believe in wisdom of the crowd, and the ability of community-driven development to propel us forward. The idea behind Open Bounty program is for you to suggest what features or applications you would like to see and use in the Ocean Protocol ecosystem.

How to submit a Open Waters Bounty proposal?

  1. Make sure there are no existing Proposals here for something similar to your idea or project. If you think your proposal can improve upon or integrate with existing proposal, reference the existing proposal in Notes section in your proposal.

  2. If nothing similar exists, create a new Proposal for bounty in this Repository, fill it out in detail following the sample proposal for reference.

  3. Once step 2 is done, go to Ocean Protocol's Open Waters bounty on bounties network. You will see one bounty titled Ocean Protocol Open Waters Bounty. Click on that bounty.

  4. On the bounty page, click on Fulfill button. Fill the submission form with correct details and paste link to proposal issue (created in Step 2) in weblink field.

  5. Click on Submit button.

How it works?

  1. You will submit a new proposal for the Ocean Protocol's Open Waters bounty on bounties network.

  2. We will review the proposal to see if it fits into Ocean Ecosystem and Ocean's Delivery Roadmap.

  3. If your proposal is accepted, we will pay out bounty reward over Bounties Network. In case, it is not accepted, we will provide our reasoning and of course, you can propose a new bounty again.


  • Reward for each accepted proposal is 750 PROCN. PROCN is a proto-Ocean token. Bounty hunters that earn PROCN will be able to convert them 1:1 to Ocean tokens on network launch (currently Ocean Token is valued at 0.20 EUR). Network launch is expected to happen by Mar 31, 2019. Until then PROCN will be locked and non-transferrable in the ETH wallet to which it is delivered to.

More details