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add more test to main preocess

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1 parent f6462a3 commit ad555bcb0a3afc3ed2ee7533d35b9020c0ab6e3c @szpyxlwoni szpyxlwoni committed Nov 20, 2012
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@@ -6,4 +6,7 @@ Feature: Main process of Ocelots
Scenario: Go to home page
Given I am an existing user
When I login
- Then I see list of teams
+ Then I see list of teams
+ Then I should create a team
+ Then I should quit that team
+ Then I should join that team again
@@ -8,4 +8,20 @@
Then /^I see list of teams$/ do
should be_on TeamPage
+Then /^I should create a team$/ do
+ click_link 'add team'
+ fill_in 'Team Name', with: 'Test_team'
+ fill_in 'URL', with: 'Test_URL'
+ click_button 'Create'
+Then /^I should quit that team$/ do
+ click_button 'Quit Team'
+Then /^I should join that team again$/ do
+ visit '/teams/Test_URL'
+ click_button 'Join Team'

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